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  1. SteveA922

    68 Charger production differences

    As many have stated, great thread, thanks! Enjoying reading and learning.
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    Odd Car show comments

    The strangest show comments I've gotten were about a new '05 Ford GT I had just purchased. I had taken it to the So Cal John Force Christmas fund raiser car show in early Dec. People constantly ask me "what year my Ferrari was"? The car literally has "FORD" on both doors and a blue oval on the...
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    California Car Covers THINK TWICE before you buy.

    I purchased a cover from them back in 08 or 9. Pulled it from the box and immediately notice a hole in it. Called them the same day as delivery and requested an exchange. Was told by CS that they would only patch it if i sent it to them, no refund or exchange. Will never purchase from the again.
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    2006 Ford GT hammered for.....

    Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler, I like them all. Those who focus on one maker are missing out IMO.
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    Show Your Car Hauler

    Mission out of Missoula however they only sell through dealers.
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    Show Your Car Hauler

    Yep, the '68 Charger fits, just barely but it fits!
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    Engine restoration questions

    All good info guys, thanks for your time!
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    Engine restoration questions

    Hey guys, couple tech resto questions if I might. 1. Are there any restoration books out there to help with accurately restoring or sorting out one of these B bodies? 2. I have been searching high and low for a definitive '68 engine teal green color. Mopar seems to offer one, but it shows out...
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    It's Tail Light Tuesday Whatchya Got?

    Fun thread, really enjoyed the creative shots. Delivery day.
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    68 RT Charger

    Fantastic project! This is the exact color and trim package my father bought new in '68. I searched high and low to replicate that car but eventually settled for an already restored red. Congrats on the progress, your motivation and persistence is to be commended!
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    Hello ALL!

    Thanks guys! Like I said, looking forward to gaining knowledge and with some help on sorting a few things out. As for my California brethren, born and raised So Cal, Idaho since '07, I get it. LOL,
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    Hello ALL!

    There's always a "few" on every site, thanks for stepping right in and introducing yourself right away! LOL ;)
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    Hello ALL!

    Couple of pics!
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    Hello ALL!

    Hello guys, I'll make this brief and painless. When I was a little boy, dad purchased a new '68 Charger 440 and for the last 25+ years I've wanted to add one to my modest collection, so did last year. It's a '68 factory Red RT 440 / 4spd. It was frame off restored by Hodges a couple of years...