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  1. bandit67

    Good bye Firebird Drag Strip!

    Young folks not into drag racing at all and us old farts dying out are adding to the loss of revenue to the sport nationwide. Saddens me greatly to watch the slow demise of my favorite passion.....
  2. bandit67

    Massive explosion in local candy store..

    My Dad worked a ceiling tile manufacturing plant where a baking flour was used in production. Three welders got badly burned in a flour dust explosion and all three eventually died. I was not aware of just how dangerous flour dust can be. Prayers for all.
  3. bandit67

    Think I want to buy a pellet smoker.....

    Guys, I wish to move to a temp controlled smoker and would like to hear what you have and what you prefer. I see makers rectech, Traguer, Pit Boss, others and have no clue which one is preferred for up an 8 hour run. Not sure if the electric ones would give the smoke flavor I want , but seems...
  4. bandit67

    What (respirator) Are You Using to Filter Paint Fumes and Pesticides?

    As 68 pointed out, I also use the 3Ms sold by my paint jobber. With isocainites no longer being used in most paints I think their toxic level has been greatly reduced. Unless I have a crappy seal, I get no paint/reducer smells with those.
  5. bandit67

    Any other table tennis (pingpong) players here?

    I was pretty good back in the days of my youth, prolly way too slow to be of any challenge now. Firemen were always the best competition. Grandkids are getting big enough now to set my table back up...
  6. bandit67

    Meet the Voice Behind Your GPS

    I have had so many arguments with LaFonda over the years, nice to put a face with the voice....thanks :thumbsup:
  7. bandit67

    1967 GTX 4spd how many remain

    Would it be logical to guesstimate 20 to 25% of the 2,486 may have survived. Do we have a logics expert on board...
  8. bandit67

    1967 GTX 4spd how many remain

    Do we have a number of how many were built?
  9. bandit67

    Love my Super Sawzall but.....

    I swapped over to Milwaukee M18 stuff and love it. My cordless sawzall is fantastic when Im running big pvc pipe out and about in the field, don't want to be without it. I have an assortment of different amp hour batteries that I swap around depending upon need. My latest is the disc grinder, I...
  10. bandit67

    Lubing the speedo cable

    Wasn't powdered graphite specified for this job, at least sometime in the past ?
  11. bandit67

    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    First impressions of using the Kapci primer is that it is NOT a high build primer like the Mar Hyde. But, it is the easiest sanding primer I have ever used. Started on it with 240 grit and prolly could have started with 280, sands very easy. I looked to purchase more Mar Hyde 2 K and have not...
  12. bandit67

    Question for experienced welders about renovating an ancient oxyacetylene torch set.

    Most all welding supply shops have certified people that can rebuild your gages back up to par if you prefer a pro to do the job. My shop said they could get mine back with in a weeks time.
  13. bandit67

    Happy Birthday Richard Cranium

    :bday:Congrats, you have made the next one on the list, have a great Day........
  14. bandit67

    Robert Blake won't be down

    What was the car movie he made..."Corky" was it? RIP
  15. bandit67

    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    Using a gray high build will take some getting use to. Using the 'vanilla" colored Mar Hyde over the gray epoxy primer always lets me know when I m cutting close to high spots and ridges. Gray on gray will offer no such boundaries.
  16. bandit67

    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    Thanks. I have moved to a new very small town and slowly been meeting car guys and meeting new folks. A local here who paints much more than me suggested I try this brand Kapci, said he really likes the stuff. Prolly the heaviest gallon I have ever picked up so I know some thick stuff for...
  17. bandit67

    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    Guys, I've done about a half dozen cars now and since Im self taught I consider myself a novice at best. I've worked from advice from others and have made improvements in my efforts. I have used this Mar Hide K 2 primer for my last two projects and have learned to work with it. But, new formulas...
  18. bandit67

    Opinion and assessment of newly chromed parts

    An original part brought back to OEM spec ,or better, will be preferred over any repop to most any restorer. I only purchase repops as that is only whats available or affordable for our 50 year plus addictions.....
  19. bandit67

    Just Got Bumpers Back

    Lesson here to us all, if you have rechromable cores and CAN hang on to them, they will be of value to someone in the days/years to come. I had a member here give me his usable core as he bought AMDs that were available then and even though it cost me a $100 bucks to get it here, it looks great...
  20. bandit67

    Rechroming of Keystone Klassic wheels?

    My last two chrome shops I had bumpers and tail light trims done at both stated they no longer would do wheels. As the number of rechromers decline I assume the more tedious jobs are canceled.