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  1. Babyblue66

    400 Build Ideas

    Also, I recently built two 383s that made 380 hp and had stock intakes with mild cams. At the same compression a 400 would just make more. If you look you can find my posts. I describe everything I did to make about 1 hp per cubic inch very easily.
  2. Babyblue66

    400 Build Ideas

    I have used 2 Hughes cams in 440s. Both perform very well for the size they are. I made 415hp in a 7.5 to 1 440 with one of them.
  3. Babyblue66

    WTB 440 blower intake 6-71

    I just had a guy try to scam me. Not sure what made me, but I looked up images of a 440 blower intake, and I found thd pictures he sent me, in an old jolopy journal post from 2021. The asshole took those pics and sent them to me. Also, the guy who posted to this thread has disappeared. Beware...
  4. Babyblue66

    WTB 440 blower intake 6-71

    Anybody got any blower stuff they wanna sell? Let me know, thanks
  5. Babyblue66

    WTB 440 pistons .060

    Wondering if anyone has any .060 over lower compression forged pistons for 440. Something like the speed pro L2266f.
  6. Babyblue66

    WTB Side window, quarter window trim

    I need the passenger side glass trim for 68 to 70 b body 2 door hard top. The one that seals the quarter glass to the side window.
  7. Babyblue66

    SOLD Comp Cams XE274H cam new in box

    Any more cams you want to sell?
  8. Babyblue66

    Side glass wing window track stuff

    Can someone tell me if this is reproduced? I can't find it anywhere. Slides into the wing window. 69 charger.
  9. Babyblue66

    66 coronet 500 prod

    Well, he sold it before I got there. Fucking Craigslist for you.
  10. Babyblue66

    66 coronet 500 prod

    Thanks. Not quite rare but cool none the less. I can't say I've seen any 66 coronets with the 383 four barrel emblems on the fenders like this car.
  11. Babyblue66

    66 coronet 500 prod

    Somehow I didn't get my posting title finished.
  12. Babyblue66

    66 coronet 500 prod

    Does anyone has any production numbers? The car in question is a 66 Coronet 500, 383 Four Barrel 4 speed. I found one for sale and am going to look at it probably tomorrow.
  13. Babyblue66

    What is this sound?

    Just drop the tranny and look.
  14. Babyblue66

    NOS 413 Engine

    Weird, because I worked at a performance shop and we never did them unless they were already sunk. And they were rarely ever sunk. And if they are it's usually because of a bad valve job where they've been cut too much. I never have installed seats, never had a problem, and never will.
  15. Babyblue66

    NOS 413 Engine

    There's no need to put in hardened valve seats unless you plan on doing lots of heavy towing. Ive worked on old engines for many years and I've only seen a couple with really bad valve seats. The performance shop I worked at, we never installed seats if the original ones were still good. They...
  16. Babyblue66

    2” or 2 1/2”

    I'd go 2.5 off the manifolds since the outlet is that size. And about 2 feet of pipe before it shrinks down. Try not to have too abrupt of a size change if possible.
  17. Babyblue66

    1971 383 compression height

    OK, cool. The motor I put back together still ran strong, just needed a bit more stall speed since low compression makes a 383 a little soft on the bottom end.