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  1. Outlawd

    383 timing

    Every motor is different even if its the exact same build. You just got to be patient and make small adjustments and run it each time on a road with a decent hill so you got some load on it after a few runs you will know when you found that sweet spot then put a light on it just to see and know...
  2. Outlawd

    New 383 engine Issue

    Change your oil filter, it happens. I know of at least 4 different instances including myself with new builds that the filter plugged weather its from assembly lube or something in the oil gallies during the machining and assembly process or a bad filter who knows but its worth a try before...
  3. Outlawd

    Eau de Mouse Piss

    Interesting thread for me as I also am driving an old Charger for a daily, she has sat for 34 years with mouse piss I thought I had it cleaned up good until now the summer heat is brewing up that same smell so gotta do something but no intention of restoring car for a few years. I realize you...
  4. Outlawd

    2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

    Summit Racing Nats TF=Brittany Force FC=Matt Hagan PS=Erica Enders PSM=Angie Smith Good luck everyone!
  5. Outlawd

    Women that you dated and the RED flags you spotted....

    Actually, the bearded clam should smell like fish......If it smells like fish eat all you wish, if it smells like cologne leave it alone. This brings up the question what did fish taste like before women learned to swim?
  6. Outlawd

    Least Optioned GTX

    clean it up and drive the dang thing the way it is, not every old car has to be restored to perfection, jeez
  7. Outlawd

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    My daily driver, maybe someday I'll fix her up but for now I just enjoy driving her.
  8. Outlawd

    2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

    Thunder Valley TF=Austin Prock FC=Matt Hagan PS=Erica Enders PSM=Eddie Krawiec Good luck all!!
  9. Outlawd

    Sure Grips for 8 3/4

    The Dana power-loc is the clutch style which can be easily rebuilt and is better and stronger for race applications or hard street use. The Borg Warner is the spring preloaded cone style which is very hard to rebuild (most people don't) but the assembly can be replaced. The Borg Warner its...
  10. Outlawd


    Sooooo that would be on the collision coverage? Getting rear-ended can happen inside the car also.....
  11. Outlawd

    I might take this out for a spin tomorrow, what do you all think?

    Hell yes! I'd find a wide open space and beat the crap out of it till she blows, then sell whats left for parts.
  12. Outlawd

    What do you drink?

    Black coffee, water, beer. In that order
  13. Outlawd

    Our shop turns 50 tomarrow

    Where are you located in Iowa?
  14. Outlawd

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    I don't like men or boats but I will take the guns and ammo if that
  15. Outlawd

    Do you keep a notebook for your car?

    I have a notebook filled with step by step details on my 69 Coronet and 68 GTX especially the drivetrain build details. The notebook is kept in a small toolbox filled with receipts and small parts. I use them as a reference for parts purchases on my other cars it makes things much easier. One of...
  16. Outlawd

    2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

    I'm in, thanks for looking out for me though.
  17. Outlawd

    How do you do burnouts?

    Burnouts on the your talking my language. The only real reason why I build up my motors and ad suregrip's to my cars is to enjoy a good ol burnout on the blacktop in front of my house. Like Sammy Hagar sings "one foot on the brake and one on the gas hey." With my clutch car I just...
  18. Outlawd

    Favorite 70's rock songs...

    I like just about every 70's and 80's rock songs. My xm radio has been on ch39 Hair Nation for the best part of 10 years now, sometimes I will stray to Classic Rewind or Ozzie's Boneyard either way its good old rock-n-roll.
  19. Outlawd

    Looking for small leaf blower.....for small jobs and keeping the shop half way clean.

    I've had very good luck with DeWalt battery powered tools all the tools share the same batteries from drills to impacts to weed eaters. Makes things much simpler. I know they make a leaf blower but my gas powered Stihl still runs good so don't need it yet.
  20. Outlawd

    2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

    N.E. Nats TF=Doug Kalitta FC=Matt Hagan PS=Erica Enders