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  1. OH71RRunner

    My #$%#% 2004 Ram Tried to Kill Me Today

    When I had my 06, I had a similar problem with the brake line. Replaced the line far enough back from the rot with new line and ends.
  2. OH71RRunner

    Texas dream

    Don't know if this will apply to your situation or not. We had issues about changing jobs when we bought our house. Underwriting said it didn't matter as much about changing of companies, but more of doing the same line of work. Cari is/ was a nurse aide, and they tend to bounce around...
  3. OH71RRunner

    How Many Mopars Do You Currently Own?

    I wish I had more 1971 Road Runner 2019 Challenger 1999 Ram 1500 2001 Durango 2004 Stratus (will be gone soon)
  4. OH71RRunner

    1971 Plymouth Roadrunner upper bumper filler

    Elastomeric bumper.
  5. OH71RRunner

    Working on cars alone VS having a buddy over...

    I work alone. Don't have many friends. Haven't made many since I moved to Ohio. Couple friends I do have hang out when I'm working on their cars. Just recently moved and these neighbors seem to be better. We moved Thankgiving weekend so I'll find out how the new neighbors are when good weather...
  6. OH71RRunner

    6 pack surging

    Could be many issues. Did it just recently start? Happen all the time? Certain RPMs? Does it feel like losing power, then gaining back or gaining power then going back to normal? I think I would start with basics - vacuum leaks, fuel.
  7. OH71RRunner

    Six Pack Carburetor Binding?

    It could be possible that the gasket is getting squeezed just enough to push out allowing it touch the blades. As pnora said above, swap the front carb to the rear, or swap the gaskets around between the 3.
  8. OH71RRunner

    Six Pack Carburetor Binding?

    Check the gasket against the bottom of the carb to make sure the blades (I really don't know what those are called) on the throttle shaft aren't catching on it.
  9. OH71RRunner

    Who is following the Olympic games and what sport do you like?

    I've been trying to watch what I can. I've gotten to liking archery and shooting this year. Saw some of the men's skeet shooting today... VERY impressive skills. Wish more shooting was televised. Luckily, I've got access to many 24/7 Olympics only channels. Not interested in basketball...
  10. OH71RRunner

    What's the first car that you drove over 100 mph?

    My first car in 1997. I had a 79 chevette. Exceeded the high pitched scream of high RPMs to having this odd, low roar/growl. Thought the motor was going to fly apart. I was leading and that's all that mattered back then. Lol If my friend wouldn't have been with me, nobody would have believed...
  11. OH71RRunner

    Did you name your car?

    My car got named by some little girls. The paint is called Fire Prism Red. It changes color based on the lighting. Around the corner of where we used to live was two little girls. I got to be friends with their dad shortly after they moved in. One evening took the car out and stopped at their...
  12. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    No offense taken. Sometimes the obvious get overlooked. Everything seems fine when car is not running. No binding. The linkages, I believe, are set correctly. Everything closed when let go. And it felt smooth and crisp. I got a new spring today. It feels better pressing the pedal. It has more...
  13. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    With the car off everything moved like it was supposed to. Even manually opening the outboards, it would snap back. When I would drive it, the only time it wouldn't snap back was when the outboards would first open. If they have been open for at least a second they come back like normal. That...
  14. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    I'm pretty sure it's a spring issue. The other springs were softer and pedal was easy to press. It pulled the throttle back to idle but couldn't tell how well it would with the outboards opening until I drove it to open them up driving. Now it's hard to press with this spring. I've got the wrong...
  15. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    That would explain why I had to redo my center carb baseplate as the shaft hole was misshapen creating a vacuum leak.
  16. OH71RRunner

    FOUND Six pack throttle return spring

    I'm needing a six pack throttle return spring. Just learned it should be Orange in color. New or used is fine. Looking on here before buying elsewhere. Thanks.
  17. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    Thank you for this info. I will be listing a WTB ad.
  18. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    This yellow spring is supposed to be the spring for a six pack. It's just really tight. Wasn't sure if it was stiff because it's new.
  19. OH71RRunner

    How to determine what size throttle return spring

    How do you determine what size throttle return spring? 440 six barrel. I'm trying to figure out what throttle return spring(s) I need to use. I had a purple spring and a small silver one from a universal kit. Had went for a drive, peddle felt firm and seemed to be right. When I hit 2nd gear...