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  1. 426Hemiman

    Instrument Cluster Connector

    Hello All, I am in need of pins for our instrument cluster. Any ideas or leads as to where I may get some? Thanks, Dave
  2. 426Hemiman

    '77 Cordoba Crown Roof Package

    The only lights that should light up are the opera lights. The bar itself does not light up. If you want to remove the bar simply remove the center piece and the use a clip tool to release the plastic locking tabs underneath. Be careful they will probably be really brittle.
  3. 426Hemiman

    Caliper seal kit...anyone recognize this?

    OK, what you are dealing with is a universal kit that fits a much broader spectrum of cars. The piston (steel or phenolic) used in your car was the same all the way through late seventies. So the square seal for the piston fits all. The outer seal (dust boot) fits the specific caliper type...
  4. 426Hemiman

    727 trans governor differences.

    GO to this website and read the article, it should answer your questions/needs:
  5. 426Hemiman

    Looking For Help with 727 Torque Converter

    I would recommend that you use the new converter with the install. Reason being is that the old converter has debris in it from the old transmission and unless you carry it to be flushed by a transmission shop you will contaminate the new transmission.
  6. 426Hemiman

    Rear gear ratio tags....'77 Cordoba

    Ooops....wasn't paying attention I guess. Yes it is nicely optioned!!! My original Cordoba was that color but the interior was blue/white.
  7. 426Hemiman

    Rear gear ratio tags....'77 Cordoba

    That's a fantastic looking Cordoba!!! Don't see many with that crown roof/sunroof options.
  8. 426Hemiman

    '77 Cordoba battery hold down

    I stumbled across this tonight:
  9. 426Hemiman

    FOR SALE Centerline Wheels Wanted!

    Found these on ebay:
  10. 426Hemiman

    Magnum ride height

    Here is what I have found for you from the service manual: (Could not locate curb height for rear)
  11. 426Hemiman

    71-74 B Gauges in a Magnum/Cordoba

    I am curious as to how well this has worked out for you over the years since this posting. I have located a complete rally cluster from 71-74 Charger and thinking seriously of doing the same project on my Cordoba. Would you please tell me of any points I should be aware of? Thanks, Dave
  12. 426Hemiman

    Twisted axle teeth

    Seeing as how you are already spending money to have the differential repaired it doesn't make good sense to reuse axle shafts that are showing signs of damage. By reinstalling the old axles you are setting yourself up for premature failure. With twisted splines you will incur metal being...
  13. 426Hemiman

    WTB Original Antenna Assembly

    Let me know what you have please.
  14. 426Hemiman

    New Addition to the Family (Cordoba)

    I plan on doing a mix to the car utilizing some older technologies, current for its age and newer technologies. Example: 426 injected hemi, if I can find the pedals potentially change it over to a modern six speed, use rally wheels (aluminum type), use modern OEM radio gear, update rear end with...
  15. 426Hemiman

    New Addition to the Family (Cordoba)

    Currently it has a 360. Yes my original Cordoba was a factory 400 with 2.45 gears. She wasn't fast off the line but hang on for some serious top end.....LOL
  16. 426Hemiman

    WTB Original Antenna Assembly

    Tried to start a conversation, site stated your box is full: ***************
  17. 426Hemiman

    New Addition to the Family (Cordoba)

    Well after searching for years I was finally able to locate a 77 Cordoba. Picked her up last weekend from nsanebiker. I would like to thank him for his hospitality and willingness to allow me to purchase the car. It was a great pleasure to visit with him and his family. They made both my brother...
  18. 426Hemiman

    WTB Original Antenna Assembly

    I need an complete antenna assembly for 75-79 year model car. It does not matter if it is a fixed mast or a power unit. If anybody has one or a lead as to where I may purchase one it would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the net with no success. Thanks, Dave
  19. 426Hemiman

    WTB Cordoba Quarter Glass Trim

    I am wanting to buy a set of Quarter Glass Trim in this style: If anyone can assist me on this it would be appreciated.