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  1. dodge1972

    Question regarding flywheels

    Thank you for a comprehensive replay
  2. dodge1972

    Question regarding flywheels

    A have several 143 tooth flywheels and a 130 tooth unit. Asking about both. Big blook and small block applications. Thanks
  3. dodge1972

    74 Charger tire size help

    I like the block setup. 2x18?
  4. dodge1972

    Lean burn replacement?

    Words of wisdom and good advise are always appreciated.
  5. dodge1972

    Lean burn replacement?

    Appreciate your sharing with photos. What about the carb spacer? Summit?
  6. dodge1972

    WTB Want to purchase: Engine Test Stand

    Potently yes, if the setup is worth the trip, I'm interested. Robert
  7. dodge1972

    Lean burn replacement?

    What is a curve similar? I believe your referring to limiting the distributor overall advance using a higher initial. Or perhaps an RPM Limiter?
  8. dodge1972

    Lean burn replacement?

    Appreciate your comments.
  9. dodge1972

    Lean burn replacement?

    Planning to replace lean burn system on a 75 Cordoba 400. Request a few details regarding the procedure: Install a standard distributor with control ignition module and wiring. Also plan to install a new carburetor. Remove old air cleaner and related wiring. What else? Other requirements??
  10. dodge1972

    WTB Want to purchase: Engine Test Stand

    I appreciate your sending an few photos. Transmission mount is a good idea. Too bad your so far from Colorado. Thanks
  11. dodge1972

    WTB Want to purchase: Engine Test Stand

    Located in Colorado, will travel to pick-up. Prefer a complete set-up for Mopar engine, but will adapt.
  12. dodge1972

    Spring Daytona Turkey Run (25-27 MAR 2022)

    I will be there and take pictures.
  13. dodge1972

    Source For 71 SB /RT Hood Insert Studs

    If your willing to travel, a nice complete SB hood with insert is for sale in Denver CO area on Craigslist for $2800. Price is about right these days.
  14. dodge1972

    Front bumper mount swap 1972 into 1973 Charger

    Thans for the information. Installing a set of 71-/72 hide away lights will require the 73/74 bumper brackets.
  15. dodge1972

    WTB 8 3/4 Rear End 71-72 B--Body complete

    I have s complete rear from a 72 4 speed car with 323 gears sur-grip. Has surface rust, but otherwise is fine $700 plus shipping Not sure, perhaps you can pay shipper with credit card. I can send photos in about a week because the unit is in a garage 40 miles from my residence. Robert 303 898...
  16. dodge1972

    FOR SALE 75 Cordoba parting

    Functional when I parted a 78 Dodge magnum 400. Complete assembly with shipping is $375.
  17. dodge1972

    72 Charger hidden headlight problem

    Keep in mind the light switch turns-on relay to provide power to headlite motor. When the motor reaches its limit the doors are open, it turns off and hold the position until the relay is de-energized to apply power to motor. The motor like a door panel motor reverses direction until it...
  18. dodge1972

    FOR SALE 75 Cordoba parting

    Parting a very nice 75 Cordoba with rear quarter damage. Perfect black bucket seat interior with console. Has a sun-roof. 91/4 sur-grip rear-end 3.32 gears. 400 k-frame, perfect front end parts, tachometer gauge package. Wire wheel 15" hub caps.
  19. dodge1972

    Vehicle starts and idles but stalls after warm and put in gear. Any ideas ?

    If you still have the original distributor module with spark advance on the air cleaner I would replace it with a basic mopar ignition system. My 400 75 Cordoba had the same issue. Now it runs fine.