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  1. 68_661charger

    FOR SALE 72 73 74 D100 dash pad

    With Carlisle approaching I've considered selling my spare dash pad in person to avoid shipping. Its in very good shape with no chalking but it is faded. Still very presentable. A couple minor marks out of the way. All studs in good shape, nuts included. Again I'd prefer to bring to Carlisle or...
  2. 68_661charger

    Thermostat Housings

    After dealing with leaky aluminum thermostat housings, I put a cast iron one on and it worked great. The cast ones don't have a barb on the top of the fitting where the upper radiator hose goes but I've never had a problem with the hose slipping off.
  3. 68_661charger

    wheel color?

    I'd say black in my opinion.
  4. 68_661charger

    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    I'm not sure if they were chains or just single stores but we had Rax roast beef, Tony Pacos hot dogs, and Top Hat burgers.
  5. 68_661charger

    What is this part? Thermoquad?

    It could be from an old pcv valve that broke. Ok thanks for all the replies!
  6. 68_661charger

    What is this part? Thermoquad?

    What is this part? I flipped a unopened thermoquad upside down and this fell out or off of it.
  7. 68_661charger

    The One I Loved Back Then Is Available

    A look through the Lost and Found section will reveal that I too long for cars from my past, but I don't think I could sell me current ones to get them back. Kinda puts you in the same situation after a while. You might start longing for the green car.... I'd definitely go see the red car and...
  8. 68_661charger

    How does a guy own a car since 1994 and just today realize

    Three years or so ago I was talking to a guy re doing a 68 Charger on a rotisserie making it his way. I asked him if it was a 318 or 383 car originally and he said he had no idea. So it does happen...
  9. 68_661charger

    Craigslist 1969 Dodge Charger R/T - $10,000 (Rison)

    I'd take that 10g buy in and put it down on a Scat Pack. No title either...
  10. 68_661charger

    WTB 15 x 6.5 steel wheel

    I'll be at Carlisle. I'll pm you
  11. 68_661charger

    TTI alignment issues

    I had the same problem with one of their H pipe kits years ago. Started from the front then tried the rear and couldn't get the drivers side to line up. I took it to the local muffler shop to have the left part of h pipe bent out toward left rear tire an inch and then all was well. Yeah...
  12. 68_661charger

    Searching rechrome bumper shop

    In the past I've used tri city as well with great results. I hope to leave a front bumper with them at Carlisle this year.
  13. 68_661charger

    WTB 15 x 6.5 steel wheel

    I've asked in the past but still looking for 1 more 15 x 6.5 steel wheel part number 3580064. Only need one but would consider a pair depending on shipping and cost and location. These are 3 nub smooth face like the one pictured. Thanks all.
  14. 68_661charger

    WTB Slant 6 2bbl throttle cable bracket

    Thanks. I might try over there.
  15. 68_661charger

    WTB Slant 6 2bbl throttle cable bracket

    I just borrowed this pic off the internet. Its a v shaped or elongated L bracket. 1bbl brackets are straight. No cable on this one but you can see where it bolts to the bracket.
  16. 68_661charger

    WTB Slant 6 2bbl throttle cable bracket

    Yes I might have a pic. I'll post it if I do.
  17. 68_661charger

    WTB Slant 6 2bbl throttle cable bracket

    Hi I'm looking for a slant six throttle cable bracket for a 2bbl. I dont need any auto kick down parts as it going on a manual. I planned on making one but thought I'd try to find one first. Thanks.
  18. 68_661charger

    Wheel sizing 1970 B body

    A true 3" backspace is odd. Lots of aftermarket wheels are 3.5 - 3.75" backspace and of course lots of guys use them.