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  1. Jeff Peterson

    Down at the boat launch

    It's a 21' not a 19' and no on the tunnel tab, although they help the mid range hop, on a small cat if you ever left it down a little and hit a big wave a speed it would almost certainly stuff on landing.
  2. Jeff Peterson

    Down at the boat launch

    That's only a lil 21, one of 9 factory made for twins!
  3. Jeff Peterson

    Down at the boat launch

    Actually it’s very efficient, maybe a couple gallons at most
  4. Jeff Peterson

    Down at the boat launch

    Me in my "baby Skater"
  5. Jeff Peterson

    64 Only

    383, auto, 3:23sg
  6. Jeff Peterson

    Gary Ball ...Interiors?

    Try Facebook
  7. Jeff Peterson


    One of his “finds”
  8. Jeff Peterson

    64 Only

    This one is now.
  9. Jeff Peterson


    Preseason training in this heat sucks!
  10. Jeff Peterson

    Summer heat and working in the shop

    My garage is 30x30 and this 28,000 btu wall unit keeps it frosty when it’s well into the 90,s outside, but it’s well insulated for the -20 or worse winters when the furnace is on.
  11. Jeff Peterson

    New truck drivers

    After 27 years, I no longer run a transport, but here's a pretty neat series of shots by the foreman who stopped traffic while I'm pulling out of a deep ravine, with no way to stop and get going again with the trailer dragging over the transition, right around a Hundred and Seventy Grand!
  12. Jeff Peterson

    Rear snubber

    Home made version of this.........
  13. Jeff Peterson

    MW intake backwards install...

    Simple mistakes can happen to anybody The co. I used to work for, crushed concrete into road rock (like the one I work for now) when the scheduled overhaul came up, they had road machinery and supplies (heavy hitters) @ $110 hr. perform the work, after a week or so, job, completed, they went to...
  14. Jeff Peterson

    65 Only

    Like @64BEL said, eBay is your best bet, supercar collectibles has been sold out for some time.
  15. Jeff Peterson

    Pretty neat
  16. Jeff Peterson

    Made it on a T-shirt

    One of our cars won the Presidents choice of the Mighty Mississippi Mopars in Dubuque, Ia. last year! I believe the Bee was people's choice.
  17. Jeff Peterson

    K Head Valve Covers

    From 5/65 SS&DI
  18. Jeff Peterson

    Vanity plates