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  1. DodgeBoy5150

    1967 Plymouth Belvedere

    :welcome: from South Carolina! My '67 Belvedere had only one tank strap. Please post some pics of your Plymouth project :thumbsup:
  2. DodgeBoy5150

    Wiper arm washer hose.

    Great find and thanks for sharing! I really need to fix the washer hoses on our 'Doba-- I think we have some screen spline somewhere in the shop :thumbsup:
  3. DodgeBoy5150

    New member from Northern California

    :welcome: from South Carolina!
  4. DodgeBoy5150

    New to the group

    :welcome: from South Carolina!
  5. DodgeBoy5150

    69440yellow saying hello

    :welcome: from South Carolina!
  6. DodgeBoy5150

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day!
  7. DodgeBoy5150

    WTB Coolant Overflow Bottle for 1976 Sport Fury You might want to check with Micah.
  8. DodgeBoy5150

    NGK XR5 3332's in a stock 78 400 4bbl Fouling

    I really like NGK plugs and run them in almost everything! Our '77 Doba has a nearly stock 400 (only changes are Eddy intake and re-curved points dizzy) and I run the NGK XR4's. I recommend giving the XR4's a try--these plugs are pretty inexpensive if you buy through RockAuto. :thumbsup:
  9. DodgeBoy5150

    Glad to be here with my 1-of-1 64 Plymouth Fury Wagon

    :welcome: from South Carolina!
  10. DodgeBoy5150

    New member from Iowa

    :welcome: from South Carolina!
  11. DodgeBoy5150

    Site upgrade...

    Thanks for the update!! I do see the change to my homepage ( PC- Firefox) --but not the two photos in the sidebar that used to be tied to the most recent photo garage pic uploads
  12. DodgeBoy5150

    Site upgrade...

    Not your bad. I think I just touched on a nerve. This site IS great -- didn't mean anything other than a suggestion. I will watch the caps and exclamation points in the future :thumbsup:
  13. DodgeBoy5150

    Site upgrade...

    Just was as suggestion--maybe I missed something--didn't mean to come across as bitching :thumbsup:
  14. DodgeBoy5150

    Site upgrade...

    Could we please get the photo garages most recent pics uploads back on the home page? I have to admit I liked the fact everyone could see my uploads AND I checked out many of the members rides I might have never been curious about without that on the home page!
  15. DodgeBoy5150

    1969 Super Bee Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
  16. DodgeBoy5150

    Reply to update 'Losing some weight and gaining some paint!' by 'DodgeBoy5150' on item '1977 Chrysler Cordoba'

    I didn't do the timing chain yet. I decided I would like to change the cam when I do that and just don't have time right now--gotta get her back on the road!
  17. 1977 Chrysler Cordoba

    1977 Chrysler Cordoba - Getting there!

    So my goal was to add some beauty and remove some wieght from the 'Doba-- so far here are the results. Edelbrock aluminum intake -24 ibs. 440 Source aluminum water pump housing -10 lbs. XS Power lithium battery -30 lbs. Sanden A/C...
  18. DodgeBoy5150

    Wiper assembly

    Trust me it will all come out of the cowl--I had to rebuild my wiper system last year :thumbsup: