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    '66 & '67 heater controller rebuild

    Guys that's a great write up,but if you are a little intimidated let me rebuild it with new machined parts. I've been rebuilding them since 1996. I have switches all over the world.
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    1970 Charger ac/heater push button control switch

    Guys no need to fret. I can rebuild your switch to like new. 1957-1972 all models.
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    Hello from Texas!

    I'm Aepowell. I don't have a classic mopar anymore. I restored a 65 Dodge Coronet 440 several years ago. I sold it in 2009. I really miss it at times. I drive a Hemi Ram now. I rebuild the A-B and C body 1957 to 1972 4 and 5 push button ac/ht switches.
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    1965 Plymouth Belvedere A/C heater control switch

    I am the one who rebuilds them for Joe. Give him a call. It will work like new.
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    Price gouging OR fair price?

    I can make your 57-67 bush button switches work like new with new machined parts. Mods if this is not allowed Anthony Powell 903-893-5674 fi ll free to delete it.