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  1. pwDave

    air compressor recommendation

    agree with post 7, I have 19 cfm champion, 7.5 hp , 220 v, blast cabinets are hard for a compresser to deal with. my champion will catch up and kick off while I am using the blast cabinet, 100% duty cycle. makes it VERY nice to not having to stop and wait for air. kicks off at 175. one of the...
  2. pwDave

    Best Sunglasses for Racing

    I use the yellow cheap safety glasses (3.00) each, i am 72 and the yellow lights on the tree just blur together when they"re on, the yellow lenses takes the glare away while still letting me see each blub sepertly helped a great deal. Dave
  3. pwDave

    Non-Political Any handgun owners have one of these? Springfield Hellcat 9mm subcompact

    I have a 1918 32 owl head that slips into a regular blue jean pocket rather nicely, nice little pistol.
  4. pwDave

    64 polara floor pan cut with torch above trans? Can't be production, is it?

    Holy Cow Dan, you have a nice clean hole, someone on the line did mine with an axe or a hatchet. Dave.
  5. pwDave

    Fastest Poly cars?

    Vfilms, well said, I have always told my friends that it is the most underated engine mopar ever made. Dave.
  6. pwDave

    PCP Air rifle

    I am going to purchase a Benjaman marader 25 cal. as soon as summer gets here. have not made my mind up whether to go with a tank or buy one of the little compressers. any way it goes I"m looking at about a grand when it's all said and done. pw Dave
  7. pwDave

    My new 66 Charger

    Welcome Dennis, I also have a FF powerwagon, have been to Iowa a few times and have had a good time, have been to WV 6 times to the mid adlantic rally. But I started with my 64 ply in 1975, found this forum and have had a good time since. You will find that this forum is simular to the power...
  8. pwDave

    Tranny fluid type and amount 727

    John Cope told me to use atf 3, he said it shows less wear on his fresh ups than any other type of fluid, including the synthecics, soooo 3 it is in my 2800.00 dollar trans. PS he has very nice warrenty with his trans. Dave.
  9. pwDave

    How many engines and transmissions do you have stashed away ?

    Sold two of my 440s, so now have eight, ten .maybe eleven cranks, enough heads to do at least twelve engines, valves,rockers, pushrods and a ton of small parts. Dave
  10. pwDave

    Shot a whistle pig look what showed up!!

    My wyfe and I watch a pair nest & raise their young each year for the last 7 years. I am 70 yrsold now, but when I was in high school I never expected to see an bald eagle in the wild, let alone get to see a young one learn to fly. They were extremely rare when I was young. The youngsters do not...
  11. pwDave

    How hard should it be to turn over a fresh big block by hand?

    My 509 rb short block, no heads, but cam installed took 36 lbs on torque wrench to turn over on the stand, did not have the heads on yet, I was just making sure all was loose and not binding anywhere. Dave
  12. pwDave

    Who among us still enjoy wheelguns?

    I have a 44 spl in a son of sam gun, easy to shoot, light recoil and big time stopper, damn good gun to carry. Dave.
  13. pwDave

    FOR SALE Used speedometer gears

    Kyle, I need the green one, how do i get in touch?? I'm in Owensboro, or should I just drive over and pick it up?? LoL Dave
  14. pwDave

    Worst car/ truck you ever owned

    1980 buick X car, total junk, GM seems to have had a banner year in 1980. Dave
  15. pwDave

    How many of these men do you remember..

    Was Ted Williams on the list?? he flew a b-17 didn't he? put his baseball on hold to help our country. God Bless them all. Dave.
  16. pwDave

    Transmission question

    TT 35, I just took mine out, tti 2" loosened the pass side and it came right out, left the driver side tight. waiting for john to call some time in the next few days, the only difference is mine has a 67 k-member in it. (sets the motor back 2") Dave.
  17. pwDave

    TTI header question

    66, go ahead and do it, it works fine, 64 belvedere with a 67 gtx k-member, had to move the hole for the shifter two inches and beat the body seam in the tunnel down flat. in 1975 no less. 509rb, eddy victor heads, 727 torqueflite. collectors were a little close to the crossmember but not...
  18. pwDave

    Dana 50

    Tommy, some jeeps used them and IH scouts, it's a good rear but I wouldn't trust it behind a 440. Dave
  19. pwDave

    Guilty As Charged, Tire Blowout

    Haywire, I've been in both places, I have a set (2) of those 12 ton jack stands I put under the rear end when my car is up in the air, front goes on a pair of empty wheels, car cannot rock and roll like that. I took a pair of brand new BF Goodrichs off of the front of my car(15 yrs old)...