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    Looking for my 1970 Challenger

    So - did you buy this new or used? If new, ordered or off the lot? Appears to be a base Challenger, not an R/T, correct? Flat hood, yes? Was it built in California (E), or some other plant? What engine did it come with? Transmission? California car with turned-down tail pipe(s)? You...
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    (1) 1969 & (2) 1970 383 HPs

    Thanks for the info. Whenever I feed the hay out from in front of the rack that the engine is on in my shed, I'll look at the crank for a pilot bearing - for an additional possible clue. I'll go ahead and do a cursory Google on the other Belvedere price classes shy of GTX - probs will be...
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    (1) 1969 & (2) 1970 383 HPs

    Thanks - I suspected as much, but have never put the time in to try to learn "What" Where" "When". (has anyone built a comprehensive matrix/graphic/chart of this info, that's out 'there' for download?) So - in 1970 - being an orange 335hp "magnum", this would only be in JS/BS 23/27?; - any...
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    (1) 1969 & (2) 1970 383 HPs

    I have (3) 335hp HP blocks/short blocks that, though I'm not specifically trying to sell (would be in the for sale section if I was), I would happily work with someone to reunite an engine with its birth-body. I already ran a cursory Google for RR/SBee/Char in R/WM21 & 23, RM27, and XP29 under...
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    SOLD Coronet/B-Body Parts

    @Virg464 - yer inbox is full. I'll take these parts - drop a note at your convenience Thanks
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Coronet/ Super Bee Front Bumpers with Support & Grille brackets

    I believe you - if we know anything about mother Mopar, it's 'never say never' LOL. My interpretation on the part numbers certainly could be erroneous. M
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    FOR SALE 1970 Dodge Coronet/ Super Bee Front Bumpers with Support & Grille brackets

    I believe all '70 Coronet fronts have those holes - regardless of whether equipped with the guards or not. The 'odd/even' are left/right (or vice-versa?) The back bumpers are two distinct versions/part numbers depending on guards or not.
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    Part number for HP Holley carb for 70 Coronet

    From "the carb shop" info compilation; 2 possibilities when N96: with or without N95 1970 383 manual - E & B-body - w/o ECS & with "fresh air" (N96) orange HP engine 335hp ---------- Holley R4736-1A ---------- part number 3512 964; Carb code on broadcast = 64 1970 383 manual - E & B-body -...
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    70 road runner vent windows

    Adding: Post or Hardtop from those years; no 4-door/Convertible/Wagon as the angle of the windshield is different. (I believe)
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    Fender tag finish?

    All good - was just the chuckle the Dr. ordered on a crummy day! (made me look twice:D)
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    Fender tag finish?

    An extremely rare "A" code St Louis car! Their tag stamper was broken in May - farmed the tags out to Lynch Road:fool:?
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    Pics from Back in the Day

    The late Elmer Duellman's rig - his museum is in Fountain City WI...about 20 miles from me. This is the last year the museum will be open, so if you want to see it, better make a road trip.
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    70 bee bowtie cross brace

    Had one additional thought on this (and I think you were basically soliciting opinion?): I doubt you'd gain any significant strength by using just this (and if that piece is absorbing impact force, you've got bigger problems than just this piece! LOL), so if you're not using the guards, then...
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    70 bee bowtie cross brace

    I don't know if this is the answer you are looking for, but it's all I got: I was over where my parts 440 is and looked what it had - all original, never crashed....just dissolved from the doors back thanks to the great mid-west salt lick. It never had bumperettes/guards front nor rear. It...
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    The not a meme meme thread

    I guess since no one else updated it yet.....
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    SOLD 68-70 B-Body sill moldings

    Not sure if I'm the odd man out, but I call these 'drip rail moldings'?
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    SOLD FREE 346 heads

    From what I've read, they'd be 1971 Big Block and they are the first with induction hardened seats. The 452's were the next hard-seat generation. this info is subject to other verification.
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    For Sale - Not Mine: Questionable Coronet R/T on E-Pay

    Things that make ya go "huh"....
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    Not Mine - for sale on FB; two 18 spline

    These "potential" list grow fast.... Not sure I'd bother trying to list everything for the web crawlers.... Looks like Chrysler 300's could have the 440-4spd combo Looking at the '68 Plymouth ordering info, the 440 (83) was optional on all models (Fury i, ii, iii, sprt, vip) and the 4spd was...