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  1. ZR9B

    "Please S T O P saying this" thread.

    "however"..... then a bullshit excuse comes next...
  2. ZR9B

    Just an Observation

    I wonder who has stock in the EV market.?
  3. ZR9B

    I'm ready for Hockey season..

    Some good playoff hockey the past few days!!! Nice to see caps and pens out. Avs kinda surprised me...they seem to be quick on the ice. So far so good.
  4. ZR9B

    Old Trucks and Tractors

    1957...not that old but new to me. Fires up in 1/2 a second. In 1 day I did more work than I did in 1 month ! She ain't pretty but she is strong.
  5. ZR9B

    She gone

    as long as you had fun!!!
  6. ZR9B

    Painting Vinyl Siding

    Neighbors house was painted . It was up for sale, it was tan and dinjy . The flipper painted it gray and it sold. They sprayed it. It has been 4 years and so for looks great. When I told the lady she couldn't believe it.
  7. ZR9B

    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    Steve Clark!!! ...great version of ..waisted.. in there..
  8. ZR9B

    No More Chevy Engine Bay

    It is now "correct". I remember in high school the chevy guys...its the same color under the!
  9. ZR9B

    Mopars in Videos..

    the only song I even like by this band....and it has a mopar!!
  10. ZR9B

    72 Charger Houndstooth seats

    My 72 has them....they are original to the car. I sure dont see many and less in a 71 or 72 chargers.
  11. ZR9B

    Crappy BF Goodrich'

    My buddy used testers model paint......he kept them white.
  12. ZR9B

    Hello all Mopar fans!

    Very nice.....welcome from north of Detroit
  13. ZR9B

    C. W. McCall will not be down for breakfast

    Rip....I played that 45 over and over and over.. ... ..
  14. ZR9B

    Lower control arms are done!

    Looks great...mine are still waiting for the plates to be welded on. Thanks for the motivation!
  15. ZR9B

    Rechrome Cragar S/S Wheels

    They look fantastic !!! Well done.
  16. ZR9B

    Mancini Racing shout out!

    Hank...In an old phone I have...there is a entry " charger guy ".... 586 909 #### his car looked like yours. I was in my yellow 72.
  17. ZR9B

    Mancini Racing shout out!

    They are good people!!! When they have time and are not slammed busy they do go the extra mile. I'm also about 20 minutes from them so it's easy to get what I need.
  18. ZR9B

    Proud of my Daughter..

    Very cool....she will be just fine!! I would be very proud too.. I had a buddy in high school like that...he had markers on him at all clemens had a ton of art work they didn't ask iron .Madden album covers