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  1. Islandkent

    New truck drivers

    It's not what it use to be. No respect out there for sure. For no one.
  2. Islandkent

    New truck drivers

    I remember those 32-40 hours day. People to this day don't understand when I say I use to work 32 hours a day and 14 day weeks. A man had to do what a man had to do to pay the bills. But I sure am glad those days are over. No e-logs back then. Just a stack of log books. My bad time was around...
  3. Islandkent

    New truck drivers

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned it's a Sunday. I drove for over 25 years. And you could almost guarantee that on a Saturday night, Sunday morning the boys were going to put her in the woods. Fellas trying to run the books and make it home to see their families for a few hours before they had to...
  4. Islandkent

    Sandblasting: What abrasives do you suggest?

    Great Chart on there. Just finished printing it out. I have one similar I found on Garage Journal. Thanks Leanna
  5. Islandkent

    Sandblasting: What abrasives do you suggest?

    Late to the party Greg. Here's a thread of my set up and results. A lot of mods but it paid off big time. I thinks so anyway. I mostly use glass beads. And yes it is time consuming but I love the results. Take a look if you want. My Princess Auto Blast Cabinet! Lots Of Pictures!! | For B Bodies...
  6. Islandkent

    Best Chest Ever.

    Works for me.
  7. Islandkent

    rotisserie from Lowes

    Yes he can run a beautiful bead! He sold me on those beads! Well worth the 2200 mile round trip.
  8. Islandkent

    rotisserie from Lowes

    Real sturdy just the same. Took her home like this. About 30 miles. Never budged. Mind you I drove home at 20/40 miles per hour considering the road condition. And yes I stopped about 4 times on the way home to make sure nothing was moving.
  9. Islandkent

    rotisserie from Lowes

    Where the rear springs attaches. The holes for the rear spring bushings go. Thanks Stanton for me knowing that one. I'm pretty sure you could do sort of the same with the front? But why not take the front one off? Since your going to the trouble of putting it on a rotisserie. And for the rear...
  10. Islandkent

    rotisserie from Lowes

    "Pity" Red Rose! Remember fellas?? lol
  11. Islandkent

    rotisserie from Lowes

    How is business any way Stan? Keeping busy??
  12. Islandkent

    Dylan McCool is restarting a 1969 Charger project.

    Yeah I watched it all early this morning. I'm envious of his new shop. That's some space. I don't mind that young fella. Better than TV any day of the week. Nice Cordoba for sure.
  13. Islandkent

    What was the first movie you ever saw . . .

    I remember it well. It was in 1974. Herbie Rides Again. The first time at a real movie. We were poorer than dirt. I was able to go with our church. The owner of the local theatre invited all the congregations children to go for a free show. My sister and I had a great time. First time having...
  14. Islandkent

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    Congratulations Wayne! Beauty Satellite! Beautiful collection! Looking forward to the shake down Wayne!! So so informative! Congrats again Wayne!
  15. Islandkent

    replacing my old small compressor decissions

    I just went through the same thing. They wanted 1700 for a 80 gallon tank??? Took it to my local welding shop and fixed the pin hole than put a whole new bottom over the top of the existing tank. Pressure tested it a 180 psi good to go. Yeah I know your "not" suppose to weld a high pressure...
  16. Islandkent about some 'B' Body Vans.

    Watch the Scotts all the time. Great people.
  17. Islandkent

    Happy Birthday DADSBEE

    Happy Birthday Wayne! Many more!
  18. Islandkent

    Drop Kick Murphy's... Rose tattoo

    Great song. Great band. Fun stuff for sure.
  19. Islandkent

    Any other Rednecks here?

    Shopping. :thumbsup:
  20. Islandkent

    Any other Rednecks here?

    I'm right with you guys here. Look what daddy made for supper!