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  1. Smokinnjokin

    67 GTX interior trim PCs need help identifying

    Take extreme care with that metal trim... might be the most valuable, expensive and difficult to replace parts on the car.
  2. Smokinnjokin

    Steering Column assembly Apparently the installation procedure needs to be followed exactly to prevent binding, and preserve the crash-safety features of the column. Never would have guessed they cared about that in ‘67, but it is actually a fairly...
  3. Smokinnjokin

    Steering Column assembly

    Well i just found the original tech video from 1967… i really opened a can of worms here, i regret lowering this thing now.
  4. Smokinnjokin

    Steering Column assembly

    I dropped the column in my ‘67 auto column shift satellite, to help gain access to the instrument cluster. Now I’m trying to bolt it back up, and a little confused. FSM not real helpful on the topic. Do i tighten the collar around the bottom by the pedals first, or the 2 nuts that hold it to the...
  5. Smokinnjokin

    Hello, Quick Mopar 8 1/4 rearend question

    For what its worth, I highly recommend 3.23 gears with your combo. Will let you still cruise the highway without absolutely screaming... I personally don't think 3.55's are a good idea on any 3 speed that is going to be driven on the street. I had a big '68 sat 4-door with a weak 273 and 904...
  6. Smokinnjokin

    Choosing a disc conversion kit

    Wow that frame is a work of art! And no, i am not interested in aftermarket kits like wilwood, strictly OE.
  7. Smokinnjokin

    Choosing a disc conversion kit

    What is correct donor car to get the master cylinder i need? 4-stud mount on '67 b-body, is there a version of raybestos MC36412 (1-1/32 bore) that comes with the 4-stud style mount?
  8. Smokinnjokin

    Choosing a disc conversion kit

    Its finally time to do the manual drum to disc conversion for my ‘67 satellite, and i am having a hard time choosing, there are a lot of options. PST and Dr Diff are both highly recommended, at this point i guess it comes down to fitment and component quality. I have 15” scott drake front...
  9. Smokinnjokin

    New member... Loooong time passionate fan who finally achieved his dream...

    I have the Pertronix ignitor 1, for small block. should be same part # for you, 1381 A. I am also using the pertronix coil that goes with it, with the ballast resistor bypassed. bought the headlight relay harness, and piggyback charging wire from crackedback on the FABO forum.
  10. Smokinnjokin

    2-door glass channel install confusion

    Perfect... where did you get it?
  11. Smokinnjokin

    New member... Loooong time passionate fan who finally achieved his dream...

    Awesome, congrats! I felt the same way about the '67 Satellite, searched for years before I found mine... Still does it for me every time I look at it. One thing I would advise you to prioritize above all else is rust control. If you are going to do a frame-off and replace sheetmetal and do it...
  12. Smokinnjokin

    2-door glass channel install confusion

    Not a bad idea, only downside i could see is it picking up dirt and grit. I might pick up a can and try it.
  13. Smokinnjokin

    2-door glass channel install confusion

    They did not have the curve molded in them, and yes i copied the oem hole pattern exactly using the old sliders as a template. I don't recall where I got them... they were $150. The plastic sliders were well made and the correct size compared to oem, just the incorrect cross section of the...
  14. Smokinnjokin

    2-door glass channel install confusion

    Thank you, I was able to complete the job but unfortunately the replacement channels conform very poorly and there is a lot of resistance sliding them. Oh well, I only roll up the windows if i get caught in an unexpected rain.
  15. Smokinnjokin

    FOR SALE Stewart Warner Greenline 6k Tach $60 shipped

    Includes the backlight, not pictured in the photos.
  16. Smokinnjokin

    FOR SALE 67 Satellite GTX glove box door cover trim $60 shipped

    Replaced this on my driver with an expensive reproduction... not worth the $$, i regret not getting this part restored/rechromed. There are some cracks around the edge that are not noticeable, repaired from behind with epoxy, and a couple of the screw bosses broken. Still held fine to my...
  17. Smokinnjokin

    SOLD 360 Magnum Orange Air Cleaner Pie Pan $30 shipped

    Nice used 360 Magnum orange air cleaner pie pan. Not sure why the previous owner put this on my motor, not correct for my car. $30 shipped or trade for orange '360 four barrel' pie pate. Cross posted on FABO
  18. Smokinnjokin

    SOLD Tailshaft bushing removal/install tool T-0161-A

    Zamco T-0161-A. Transmission tailshaft bushing removal/install tool. Perfect condition. Used once on my 727, effortless bushing removal and install with the tailshaft housing installed on transmission and still in the car. On jack stands no less. In and out under 10 minutes. Advertised to...