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  1. Rat Rod Al

    FOR SALE 67 DART GT project

  2. Rat Rod Al

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  3. Rat Rod Al

    It's Tail Light Tuesday Whatchya Got?

    Wish I had this one back.
  4. Rat Rod Al

    FOUND Hubcaps

    I have a set of early 10" in decent shape.
  5. Rat Rod Al

    Need an ID on this wheel

    I have a wheel here I don't know what it is. Any ID would be appreciated ! Thanks for any help. It takes a 10" wheel cover.
  6. Rat Rod Al

    Eau de Mouse Piss

    By the way , this stuff WIIL kill you if you breathe it long enough.
  7. Rat Rod Al

    Eau de Mouse Piss

    Try cat piss. That should overpower the mouse piss smell. !!! Seriously, about all you can do it rip out the liner and insulation up there and spay it down with urine be gone stuff pet owners buy for their carpets.
  8. Rat Rod Al

    Anybody Seen a 60 VW With a 440?

    I've seen this one.
  9. Rat Rod Al

    Looking for Superbird owner

    Back in 93 or 94 my wife's uncle sold his yellow /black top superbird to someone up in New York I believe. 440 4 speed. Car was sold out of St. Charles MO area . Just wondering if some on here knows it's were abouts . Uncles name is Terry , an old hippie dude ! Hopefully someone here owns...
  10. Rat Rod Al

    FOR SALE Old School 383 Dual Quad Intake

    yes , Cast Iron.
  11. Rat Rod Al

    Need help she wont turn over

    She doesn't love you anymore !
  12. Rat Rod Al

    FOR SALE Old School 383 Dual Quad Intake

    I have a low deck 2 Four Barrel Intake . Been laying around a while. It needs a repair to the ear for the carb bolt. $100 + shipping from FL, 33956. PayPal, P O M .
  13. Rat Rod Al

    FOR SALE 71 -74 Charger 1/4 Glass

  14. Rat Rod Al

    FOR SALE More Small Parts Clean Out

    #9 A pillar trim is gone !!!!!!