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  1. Don67Satellite

    FOR SALE Real 1970 Duster H Code 340 Stick Roller (56K Miles) $6,950

    Tag Decode as requested. VS29: Plymouth Valiant,Duster Special 2 Door Sports Hardtop H0B: 340 275HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL 1970 Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA 231686: Sequence number E55: 340 cid 4 barrel V8 275hp D13: 3 Speed Manual Transmission-Floor Shift FE5: Bright Red (Dodge)...
  2. Don67Satellite

    Does anyone know what gauge wire is used for the tail light wires on a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner?

    Recommend downloading the 1971 Plymouth Body Service Manual from MyMopar. For the '71 Satellite/RR the wiring diagrams show 18 gauge wiring for the tail lamps.
  3. Don67Satellite

    Polygraphite PST Suspension

    Curious as well for the replies to this. :popcorn:
  4. Don67Satellite

    Throttle bracket ?

    Thanks for showing the photo. This is exactly what I needed now that I have added a spacer under my EFI throttle body. I purchased the kit from Richard Ehrenberg on eBay. It's basically identical to the one from Mancini and also accepts a Lokar style kick down.
  5. Don67Satellite

    Smog 440 Old School Modifications?

    My car has a 1978 440-1 out of a motorhome in it. It was completely rebuilt 7,000mi ago as it needed a new crank, but otherwise no real mods made to the bottom end. Stock bore. Heads were rebuilt. It has a mildly over-stock "RV" cam. It sounds like a BB Mopar should pulling into the cruise...
  6. Don67Satellite

    Drinking more because of high fuel prices?

    Yeah, this situation definitely sucks. With that and rising rates, belts are tightening everywhere. I stopped drinking about a month ago. I haven't quit, just taking a break, as mine was climbing also.
  7. Don67Satellite

    Updated head light wiring , Anyone used this kit?

    Likely the same thing as Octane's. Will probably work fine.
  8. Don67Satellite

    Updated head light wiring , Anyone used this kit?

    I am using the first one "Ceramic H4" in my Satellite. It's from Octane Lighting. Plug & play, works great and very affordable. Using Wagner halogens currently and nice and bright for night driving.
  9. Don67Satellite

    Anyone running E-85 fuel?

    If it worked out to 23% for you, great. The many forums I have read of people telling their experience & doing their math, all say 30%.
  10. Don67Satellite

    Anyone running E-85 fuel?

    I was tempted to give it a go since I run fuel injection and my unit is rated compatible for E85. But, it is less common up here where I live, only a handful of stations carry it so that could be an issue. It is considerably cheaper as some have said, but you will burn 30% more fuel than gas. So...
  11. Don67Satellite

    1966 hemi satellite

    SOLD for $38,500. :wtf:
  12. Don67Satellite

    323s to 2.76s

    I assume you mean 100km/h? I figured the 3.23's would be decent for highway cruising. I remember having 3.55's in my old Demon. Maybe the small block felt different. Now at 80km/h i'm about 2300/2400rpm, which is fine, but you get up to 100km/h and its pushing 3000. It just seems high & everyone...
  13. Don67Satellite

    323s to 2.76s

    Yeah, I want to go this route too since I do live along major highways/freeways. Would be nicer than the 323's i have.
  14. Don67Satellite

    Dr Diff 13" "Cobra" front disc brakes.....who has experience with them?

    Thanks for this @hunt2elk, I got both of those today and it was clear from just putting them on that they seal far better and tighter. The stock caps looked almost identical, but they were "sloppy" and the inside gasket "weak" I guess you could say. I had experienced some annoying minor leaking...
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    NOT MINE: Craigslist 1967 Hemi GTX

    Came across it through a FB group. Another project for the deep-pocketed, 1967 Hemi GTX.
  16. Don67Satellite

    1966 hemi satellite

    The poor thing. :(