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  1. DemonDave

    Vacuum tube to EGR melted, chunk sucked into carb port!

    It was resting on the steel choke plate on the iron manifold. I'm going to investigate this morning, I ran out of daylight yesterday.
  2. DemonDave

    Vacuum tube to EGR melted, chunk sucked into carb port!

    I was out driving my '73 Satellite today and it was running awesome... until it wasn't. The car suddenly fell on its face and would barely run, and wouldn't idle at all. I was able to nurse the car home since I wasn't far but it was a terrible two-pedal ordeal to keep it alive and get it home...
  3. DemonDave

    Will a stock 400 smoke the tires?

    My '73 Satellite 400-2bbl with 2.76 open gears will smoke one tire for as long as I hold it to the floor. Granted, the tires are smallish 225/70-14s all around but the engine's got grunt for an 87K mile mill with zero mods.
  4. DemonDave

    FBBO Members with YouTube Channels

    I've got one but it's still in its infancy. Uploading #shorts for now but hope to get into longer videos with actual content. Need to upgrade from my iphone to a proper GoPro though... wish me luck!
  5. DemonDave

    73-74 Satellites in the Junk Yard

    I just paid $100 Cdn for a faded but non-rusted one for my '73 Sebring Plus.
  6. DemonDave

    whats your daily driver?

    My beater... 2004 Dakota 4x4.
  7. DemonDave

    '73 RR Bumpers

    If you're going to paint the bumpers to save money, why not go with a silver or faux-chrome spray? You get the OEM look from a few feet back without having to eat Mr Noodles for a year.
  8. DemonDave

    What will wake up a 400 engine?

    He's already got blower pistons in that 400! :D Hmm, so do I.....
  9. DemonDave

    Covid hits home.....and looks to be on it's way out!

    I don't really understand the desire to be tested for covid. There's no treatment for it that differs from the flu or a regular cold so why does it matter what you have? You already know that you're sick, no test required to tell you that.
  10. DemonDave

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Drove my car in a Christmas Light Cruise tonight!
  11. DemonDave

    Anybody find a decent fuel pump pushrod?

    Hmm, I'm wondering if this is my issue. There's a distinct tapping noise when my Satellite is warmed up and I've gone all over the engine with a stethoscope and the only place I hear the noise is on the fuel pump body.
  12. DemonDave

    Where did you and your car go today

    FWD turbo fan here too. Owned an '86 Laser XT and '87 Shelby Charger back in the day. I'd happily add one to my fleet if I could find a clean one. Also once had an SRT-4 Neon. Fun car. Meanwhile... I took the Satellite out for a cruise today. Nothing special, just a drive.
  13. DemonDave

    Suppose you just won $10,000 from a lottery scratch ticket...What would you do to your car?

    Dart: 408 stroker. Satellite: Body and paint. Can I have two $10K wins, please? :p
  14. DemonDave

    Pictures on Private Conversations

    My lawnmower gets more use during the winter here in Victoria than in the summer. Life in the Great Green North. :D
  15. DemonDave

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    My '73 Sebring Plus. Factory 400-2bbl, 727 Slapstik car. Original paint, original patina. :D
  16. DemonDave

    Where did you and your car go today

    Took my Dart to meet a guy who was selling me some cool 1:64 scale Mopars.
  17. DemonDave

    You Folks in British Columbia

    We got lucky here on southern Vancouver Island compared to the lower mainland. Our only highway north to the rest of the Island was quite a mess and was closed for a short time, but it's back open again and things are moving. Our ferry system stepped up adding sailings both to/from the island as...