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  1. C_B5

    FOR SALE Big Block 727 Push Button Transmission

    Based on the part# P2464424 stamped on the case, that trans is a 1964 used with 361 and 383 big block engines. Hopefully this info will be helpful to seller and potential buyers.
  2. polywideblock

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  3. WileERobby

    Holley Carb Spraying Fuel Externally ?

    A long time ago, I used an epoxy sealant to fix that, and it worked like a champ !
  4. StrangeBrew

    Greetings from Kentucky

    Hi I'm Anthony! Glad to officially be apart of the forum. I have a 1971 Dodge Coronet Custom that I acquired in 2019 in a trade and have been building on with my grandfather since then. Recently he passed away but I still drive it daily & keep her going in his memory. It has a 318 LA w/904 trans.
  5. WileERobby

    Do you leave your car unattended at shows and cruise-ins?

    Few years ago at the Mopar Nats, thieves were stealing air cleaners and floor mats out of cars in the show field ! In broad daylight.
  6. R


    Your assumptions are just that. Must get the info from the vendor as to what is inside and why is costs more. my assumption is that nobody can find all new internals for a 727, unless they are all racing parts.
  7. 64BEL

    2023 13th Annual FABO/FBBO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time!!!

    stroked340 must not have picked at all for me to pass him with the picks I had! Nice picking oc and Outlawd!
  8. Runcharger

    FOR SALE 2 Holley carbs

    The 3310 is an older 750CFM vacuum. The 600 looks like it has a Chrysler part# stamped on it above the Holley list#, if it is a Chrysler part # it would be for a 68 car. IMO.
  9. Scott Engelhardt


    My 727 is leaking at almost every seal. I am thinking about buying a reman. TCI, BMW, or Gearstar? The Gearstar is quite a bit more money. I assume they must be built using all new parts and the other two are rebuilt using a mixture of old and new. I would rebuild mine, but this is not the time...
  10. moparedtn

    Pics from Back in the Day

    May your good luck hold in keeping her clear of optometrists.
  11. Daytrepper

    FOR SALE Wagon Rear Window Switch Bezel

    Nice original rear window switch bezel for 66 ish B body wagons. Not easy to find. Make offer.
  12. Daytrepper

    FOR SALE Big Block Radiator Hoses

    Two brand new uppers. Fits Big Block with 26" rad, vertical outlet. NON A/C. AC Delco 22051M AC Delco 20013S $10 each plus the ride; will ship USPS parcel post, so the ride will be cheap.
  13. moparedtn

    Spark plug question

    What they came with, yep.
  14. moparedtn

    Site upgrade...

    Bookmark this on your browser: For B Bodies Only Classic Mopar Forum Done....