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  1. Photon440

    Holley Carb Spraying Fuel Externally ?

    As R413 states, there's a seal under there. You can try tapping with a tiny hammer to tighten the seal, or you can heat it up (which will destroy the seal) and solder the metal cap to the fuel bowl casting. But replacement fuel bowls are cheap.
  2. Photon440

    Newbie brake question

    Although you've replaced the valves, I'd disconnect the passenger brake line at the front metering valve (after the distribution block) to be sure that fluid is pumping from there in sufficient volume. If no, I'd suspect a faulty valve. If yes, then disconnect the line at the brake piston (not...
  3. Photon440

    Found a 1976 Plymouth Sport Fury

    Hi Ari, a close up of this tag will help get the paint codes, but I think I see F2 which would be Jade Green Irid.
  4. Photon440

    What are the correct bulbs for 70 Road Runner parking lights?

    I saw that you had disagreed with my comment regarding 1157a vs. 1157na bulbs. I'm happy for you that your 1157a bulbs have lasted 15 years, but you are not correct in showing that they must have a different colour. For instance, I could show you an example of 1157na: and a different 1157a...
  5. Photon440

    Pics from Back in the Day

    I remember walking the halls in high school and looking at the class pictures from fifty or sixty years in the past and thinking that all the students looked a lot older than we did at the time.
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

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    I am new OLD stock.

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    New Member - 1963 330

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    Howdy Guys

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    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    Putting a fan on backward won't change the direction of the air movement. It will still pull, it just won't have the blades oriented in quite as efficient curvature.
  11. Photon440

    1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite from Junk to......

    Looks good in those photos.
  12. Photon440

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    It looks like it was jet powered, but it had a motor-jet, a piston engine up front driving the compressor, so no rear turbines were used. Who Likes Aircraft ?
  13. Photon440

    Road Runner Head Valve Stem Caps -- Too much???

    They would look great glued on to your inside door lock buttons.
  14. Photon440

    1977 440 History?

    Standard engine if you got a big car like a New Yorker Brougham. Likely the same as optional in trucks as well.
  15. Photon440

    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    You are correct. In 1900, 22% of cars were gasoline powered, 38% were electric, but the largest percentage was steam at 40%. Electric car sales didn't peak until 1910. Electric taxis were particularly popular.
  16. Photon440

    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    Well, all electric motors are. :) Motor definition: Cambridge dictionary: a device that changes electricity or fuel into movement and makes a machine work: Merriam-Webster: any of various power units that develop energy or impart motion: such as. a. : a small compact engine. b. : internal...
  17. Photon440

    This is the best anti-EV article I have ever read.

    50% less of .04% is .02%. 03 is 75% of 04.
  18. Photon440

    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    The stock fan sucks through the radiator, blowing towards the engine.