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  1. Beekeeper

    wing window glass bottom edge seal

    Are you referring to the chrome pivot channel the vent wing glass sets in? If so that is glass setting tape it can be had in various thicknesses.
  2. Beekeeper

    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    Yep exactly right but one must wonder why the term “motor vehicle“ and not “engine vehicle“
  3. Beekeeper

    Upper ball joint differences

    Nope same ball joint
  4. Beekeeper

    Happy Birthday Polywideblock!

    Happy birthday you old dog :lol:
  5. Beekeeper

    FOR SALE 18 1/2 inch 7 blade fan #2863216

    Kyle does that fan have the part numbers stamped in the blades?
  6. Beekeeper

    What happened PST?

    Kinda like buying an engine rebuild kit that don’t include rod bearings but you can pay more and get em
  7. Beekeeper

    What happened PST?

    Maybe we don’t realize that the inner tie rods and adjuster sleeves are not part of the front suspension :lol:
  8. Beekeeper

    For sale ads

    Wonder why Tony D’Agostino isn’t posting all his parts for sale here yet?
  9. Beekeeper

    Need some electrical help....

    Sounds like the fusible link may have went up in smoke. If so maybe have a shorted diode or diodes in your alternator as the possible cause.
  10. Beekeeper

    FOR SALE Real Pentastar for sale

    If you have a few more I’ll take 4 of them and your inbox is full.
  11. Beekeeper

    G2 Hemi Build **Need Cam Help

    only advice I can offer is go with either solid FT or Roller and forget about the hydraulic roller just my opinion
  12. Beekeeper

    Happy Birthday Beekeeper

    I appreciate the birthday wishes guys!
  13. Beekeeper

    Happy Birthday Beekeeper

    thanks very much!!
  14. Beekeeper

    SOLD Partial Set of 12 Six Pack Springs

    I will take them if still available
  15. Beekeeper

    Power steering gearbox question

    Loosen the two bolts in the circle and lightly tap the cover to one side or the other.
  16. Beekeeper

    Optical center punch

    I have one thats about 25 years old it’s one of the best tools I own.
  17. Beekeeper

    Is this an original Mopar green?

    Looks like 69’ rallye green to me.
  18. Beekeeper

    SOLD 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Used 383 HP Automatic Carburetor 4682 S

    Is the throttle shaft free? as in not seized
  19. Beekeeper

    New cam and TDC timing 400 big block

    Dot to dot is firing stroke for number 6 so yes dots at 12 are #1 firing stroke.