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  1. Lineman

    Which is my wire for factory tach on firewall? 74 Roadrunner with A/C

    Thanks for the help, I am trying to reconnect my factory Tach. Its a Factory A/C car and there is what looks like a dark green wire with the by the heater fan connector/s that is cut clear. Could that be it? There is another brown wire coming thru the firewall closer by the brake booster cut...
  2. Lineman

    Tach help, its easy..

    What is this blue wire all about??
  3. Lineman

    Question about 69 GTX wiring??

    Three questions here and please reference the attached pictures. 1. Exactly where would the correct place be to run to tach wire thru the firewall with the harness I bought?? 2. What is the yellow wire doing coming from the firewall connection block to the relay? Looks like a cobbled up mess...