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  1. 1967coronet

    Help with AC

    Try this link, it's for a 66 but may help. MyMopar
  2. 1967coronet

    Help with AC

  3. 1967coronet

    Mechanic Determines Car Repairs Will Cost Whatever Your Whole Paycheck Is This Month

    GM dealership in Panama City beach told my grandson he needed close to $2,500 worth of work to his 17 colorado. It was running like crap, miss fire ect ect , several codes. He called me 1st before turning them loose. We talked he mentioned all the rain and parking lot flooding ect. I asked him...
  4. 1967coronet

    What if a disaster happened right now?

    Kinda like coon and noodles :drinks:
  5. 1967coronet

    Happy Birthday Billccm

  6. 1967coronet

    What if a disaster happened right now?

    We can skin a buck, we can run a trot line...
  7. 1967coronet

    Tina Turner won't be Down!

    Yep, killer voice. RIP Tina..
  8. 1967coronet

    Tina Turner won't be down for breakfast

    What a killer voice , Damn that gal had a set of pipes. Strutting around that stage like she owned it. RIP Tina.
  9. 1967coronet

    Best Looking Car Ever Made

    I have to admit to being a closet Olds 442 fan. Lol, up to 71.
  10. 1967coronet

    Old fart issues...

    I'm still working my way to retirement. Signed up, 1st ck is in june. We are slammed at work and at 65 my gas tank starts running low at about 10 hrs lol. After june I'm going to a 3 or 4 day week This whole conversation gets me thinking about how old we really are getting, Scary ****. Wife...
  11. 1967coronet

    Best Looking Car Ever Made

    It is one I have never owned but my favorite above all the rest. 1970 GTX, that one year body style has all the right curves. :thumbsup:
  12. 1967coronet

    Old fart issues...

    Like posted, low BP will really mess your balance up if your bent over and then stand up straight. I went through it, was on BP meds but lost weight on a diet, dropped 25lb, Well so did my bp it went down damn near a point per lb. I take 1/2 a pill now and am good. Also like posted the ears...
  13. 1967coronet

    Who else can't sleep?

    I run on 6 hrs for the most part. Long list of cars and trucks owned. most are not very exciting. I have had a pretty fair line up of mopar muscle cars , Through the 70s and 80s damn things were dirt cheap. I was not smart enough to stash a few back then.
  14. 1967coronet

    What 'things' chaps your butt!?

    Good thread Cranky, One of my top picks is import auto parts. Day in day out I have had to work with this fkn junk for the past several years. We are selling our body shop this summer and I am ready.
  15. 1967coronet

    Forgive me, for I have strayed....

    Cool buggy, we have one in the steel storage bld. My stepdads old one. Factory tube frame job. But has a corvair. engine and glide.
  16. 1967coronet

    3 favorite Zeppelin songs

    Dancing days , Black dog , Dyer maker
  17. 1967coronet

    This reminds me of a bar fight

    Funny as hell kiwi :rofl:
  18. 1967coronet

    Soap box derby

    LMAO, thanks Scott.
  19. 1967coronet

    Metal work 60k too much?

    Yes 60k is way over the top for metal work only. I understand the fact it was your dad's car. Anyone bidding that job does not need to know that. Keep pricing it at different shops good luck on your search.