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  1. 1967coronet

    BeatersRus & wyrmryder

    Did anyone ever hear from them ?
  2. 1967coronet

    Just a reminder

    For all of us in the north part of the USA do not forget to check that antifreeze this fall. I just did the engine swap this summer and thought about checking mine for winter. after my flushing /mixing ect I was only at zero and had to drain down the radiator and add some more antifreeze to get...
  3. 1967coronet

    big block cyl head question.

    I just picked up a low compression 1976 motor home 440 with low miles, its the 440 -2 engine with the car style heads and water pump. the heads are 452s. My question to you guys that know tons more than me on these heads is. Will the better flow of the 452 heads in stock condition preform better...
  4. 1967coronet

    727 tail shaft oil hole location

    Guys I used a bushing puller and replaced my 727 tail shaft bushing the old bushing came out with the oil hole at 12:00 , like a dummy I did not confirm with a pick ect that it was the correct location, and put the new one in the same { hole at 12:00 to the top of housing } so did I mess up or...
  5. 1967coronet

    how do you ID a TRW PS pump for ordering a seal kit ?

    I have a TRW power steering pump on my coronet that this summer started a slow leak. pump works fine but I need to find the correct seals and O ring set for it, I have searched NPD , Rock auto ect and all seem to offer several kits for 62 and up TRW pumps. Do I need to remove the pulley and get...
  6. 1967coronet

    fuel sender adjustment help ?

    awhile back I switched to a new fuel sender in my 67 coronet, the old one had a leaking float. Now when I fill the tank It reads 1/2. When I run it down to empty I still have aprox 8 gals left in the tank. Sender is working just not adjusted correctly. Ive been using it like this for awhile...
  7. 1967coronet

    Installed the Schumacher Tri Ys today.

    About a month back I bought a set of used Tri Y headers , today I had time to install them. 67 coronet 383 Power steering , auto on the column. I left the factory studs in the heads, pulled the plugs, Starter and lower shift rod bell crank along with the bell crank mount rod from the trans...
  8. 1967coronet

    another question on my non stroker 400 project

    I will use the KB 240 pistons so I should be near 9.1 compression. the heads { 452s } will just get a basic valve job no porting & a set of new stock springs and push rods, Eddy performer Intake and 750 eddy carb pertronix ignition & headers, My brother told me comp cams has a cam & lifters...
  9. 1967coronet

    Looking for some advice on 400 pistons

    This winter I am sending my 1976 400 block { standard bore } to the machine shop. I will have it checked out and see what kind of a over bore it will take to clean it up. I have heard the stock 400 pistons are aprox .0100 below the deck and have aprox 7.1 compression. I need some advice on what...