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    mallard-canvasback-pop-up camper not mine

    I know this guy he has some really neat stuff. /7625744142.html
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    $975,000 for Black Ghost

    It would be tough to sell dad's car... Unless it was for $1 million The Rapid Transit Cuda brought: $2 million... for a car with a black engine bay
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    smoke bombed

    Smoke descended last night. Coming from B.C. and looks like it will go to the north east. The yard is plotting a total takeover with the inches of rain we got last week. I'll try my respirator.
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    NIB tin car 1958 Imperial

    This auctioneer is a little loose with the word: "new"
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    1967 Winternationals results (with color GTX ad)

    Hot Rod, April 1967
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    60's high school mopar troubleshooting

    100 points for car I D
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    What is this tool?

    About 30 inches long. Looks like a .22 bore and I hoped it was functional as I bid on it at an auction. It's not functional. It came from an Air Force General's estate sale. My best guess is an M2 helicopter gun
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    What is this tool?

    The blade is 1 1/4 inch across. It cuts, pull the trigger and it grabs
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    2001 Mulholland Prowler 14,000 Miles. Western Sodak not mine
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    1966 Barracuda in Buffalo,Wy 2/10/23 auction not mine
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    1966 Charger Camper is back and shined up. not mine
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    How well do 6 Packs fit under pre-'68 hoods?

    I've searched, but I don't find much about early B Body conversions and how much room there is. It looks like A and C Bodies fit easily.
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    eBay, motorcycle helmets, and Malaysia?

    20 years ago, I offered some motorcycle helmets for sale on eBay. I got these weird emails from people in Malaysia. In those days on eBay, not only could you see where a person was from and what they had bought, but you could see what they were watching and bidding on. Because of that, I...
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    Differences between 1966 B and Hemi Engine Wire Harnesses

    They are basically the same motor, but have different engine harnesses. I have new Hemi harness that I would like to use on my B Block motor. I don't mind hiding or adding a wire.
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    Anyone know this 1969 RoadRunner?

    Knowing how this place is....
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    '72 Dart drag car at auction not mine

    "Martin drove it, so it has to be good". eye roll
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    Looking at Eastman tubing pliers. link enclosed

    These are probably factory seconds. Scratched paint or chipped grip don't bother me. ...but how well do they work. They look pretty slick in videos, but they aren't bending 5/16. I saw a set once that bent the tube by squeezing the handle, but I can't find them on the net...
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    My laptop had too much to drink

    I spilled about a tablespoon of water on my laptop. It was like the scene where The Terminator died. The screen made rainbow lines and blinked out. It came back on and then off, the power light faded away. The battery was not accessible, so I let it dry. It has never come back. I want to...
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    pretty 1960 Dodge D 100, 2WD Pickup at auction in Newcastle Wy. not mine

    It's pretty and it's selling cheap, so I thought I would post it.