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  1. BadBee

    Pro-Max ? Braided fuel line for mopar 6pack??? Don't do it!

    Hello All, This is what I got when I ordered my Six Pack fuel line kit( Advertised all Assembled) BUT NOT!!! Nearly $300 bucks later,!! In my opinion DON'T DO IT! Three A+N fittings one assembled lower fuel line with filter, 24" piece of 3/8 braided line and no DIRECTIONS or SCHEMATIC ! Not a...
  2. BadBee

    Direct connection carb tune up

    Hello All, After reading the thread TUNING a SIX PACK I'm looking for any input on these Mechanical Carbs these are OOTB new unused on a mid 440/.030 with 906 heads pics are below, I was going to take the current cam out and put in a 509-292/292 in her but I think the springs on these heads...
  3. BadBee

    Six pack guru's!!

    To all of you guys out there and you to LEW! A ? I can pick up an original 340 six pack at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE, what has to be done to it to bring it up to 440 standards? Metering blocks,jets.?? A thank you in advance Men!!
  4. BadBee

    Six pack carbs???

    Hello all, I have Accsess to a six pack, #s 4782center/ 4783 outboards, fuel feed on drivers side, 350/500 cfm Weren't these carbs Mr.Norms over the counter mechanical carbs way back? What are they worth ??? Obviously they are CORES no matter what and no #s matching, also fuel lines would...
  5. BadBee

    A-12 seats

    I have an original Pair of A-12 BUCKET SEATS with HEAD RESTS in my 69 Dart, I'm wondering what they are worth? and does any body need them,the guy I bought my 69 Dart off of Had an A-12 RR and cracked it up so he took the seats and put em in the Dart, Im looking to get original 69 Dart buckets...