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  1. khryslerkid

    A12 compression height question

    They happened to be what's in the short block that I'm useing. Slugs! Lol
  2. khryslerkid

    Changing thermostat. Any firm recommendations?

  3. khryslerkid

    Changing thermostat. Any firm recommendations?

    I had this one from Mancini (not the O ring) and after two years it had warped .030. My thread, and I went back to the factory housing... As far as the...
  4. khryslerkid

    Wrecked A12 Restomod

    I like the story that was told about the owner. Installing nos wasn't a good idea was it? What a shame to have wrecked a decent looking car. When you're on YouTube there is a pull down window that normally shows the date that it was posted. It's a little triangle that you click on. Also it's...
  5. khryslerkid

    Wrecked A12 Restomod

    Video was 2017
  6. khryslerkid

    Wrecked A12 Restomod

    Never liked a car that smacked a pole dead center. You have to wonder how hard the front of the crank was hit.
  7. khryslerkid

    Promax. Paid for and waiting for the phone call....

    Nice work, hope you figure it out. I need a return spring like you're useing. Any info, measurements?
  8. khryslerkid

    What kind of affect on value does a replacement block have on value

    Getting two Good Guys awards should tell you something! Congrats :thumbsup:
  9. khryslerkid

    Gas cap question

    '62 guy here. A little history, this is how they vented the tank in 1962. No vent lines, no vented cap, (blue arrow)
  10. khryslerkid

    Why is there always another problem to solve?

    You stated that it's one problem after another. What was the last thing that you fixed? Also having your choke hooked up will help with starting...
  11. khryslerkid

    Why is there always another problem to solve?

    Normally when you first develop a vacuum leak your engine will have a higher idle speed than normal. I would remove your air cleaner. Pull your throttle linkage back about halfway, and watch your choke close. (Do this when bone cold) If it doesn't close then make adjustments. Now if the...
  12. khryslerkid

    He3re's a Bee for you...............

    Just saw 90 viewers. Seems a bit high for a car that most likly will have to be completely gone thru. MH0 Watch the final bid and that will tell you what it is worth on today's market...