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  1. toolmanmike

    A new bullet for a buddies 70 Bee

    I hung out today and helped a Mopar buddy slide a 440 in his 383 70 Bee. It was a great time. Pics on my phone in a min. or so.
  2. toolmanmike

    Picture of my old 69 Bee

    A old friend sent me a photo of my old 69 Bee from the late 70's I never took a photo of the car and I didn't know any photos existed. I was excited to say the least.
  3. toolmanmike

    70 Bee optional Right Hand mirror dimensions. G31 code

    Anybody out there have a 70 Bee or Coronet with the G31 optional RH mirror? I could use the dimensions from the door edge to the front of the mirror base. How much different are the measurements between the drivers side and the passengers side? Thanks tmm