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  1. toolmanmike

    FOUND Wanted Voltage Regulator Part# 3438150 (Date code) 470

    If you found what you need "Mark Sold" the ad to close it. It's up by the title above.
  2. toolmanmike

    WTB A833 Front Bearing Retainer

    Brewer Performance will have what you need.
  3. toolmanmike

    FOUND Complete lock package

    "Mark Sold" above by the title.
  4. toolmanmike

    WTB 66 window regulator

    Hit the "mark sold" button to close it.
  5. toolmanmike

    WTB Scammers target the WTB (want to buy) section and if you get a PM....

    Good to post it here and make it a sticky. I locked it as well
  6. toolmanmike

    FOUND Super Bee or Road Runner

    You need to close this ad then. "MARK SOLD" below the title.
  7. toolmanmike

    WTB Low deck big block kick down linkage

    Just a heads up: Scammers and your personal information on the site!
  8. toolmanmike

    FOUND In need. Looking for an 18'' 7 blade clutch fan ( # 2863215 )

    Please close the thread by marking it "sold" just below the title above.
  9. toolmanmike

    WTB 1966 Hemi 8-3/4 rear axel assembly

    "Axle" Axel is a jump in skating. Carry on.
  10. toolmanmike

    WTB Any condition mopar pie tins

    New member and all. We don't post personal information directly on the site. Send the member a personal message. Click on the member's name under his avatar and then "start conversation".
  11. toolmanmike

    WTB Any condition mopar pie tins

    You can't send photos in pm's unless you are a Gold member.
  12. toolmanmike

    WTB Adjustable Pinion Snubber for 8 3/4 rear end

    We got the goods. [FOR SALE] - Adjustable Pinion Snubber
  13. toolmanmike

    FOUND 71 Radio shaft nuts

    I hear you have found some radio nuts. Please close this thread.
  14. toolmanmike

    WTB AFB 3611

    I deleted your post with your phone number and personal information. DO NOT post that in a open forum. Send it through a personal message only. It's for your internet security.
  15. toolmanmike

    FOUND Looking for 1969 383 4 speed dist.

    That's for 1968 383 manual transmission. Not for 69. You will need a #2875751 for a 69 383 4 barrel 4 speed B body. The 731 is for a automatic car.
  16. toolmanmike

    FOUND Looking for 1969 383 4 speed dist.

    @HALIFAXHOPS may be able to help.
  17. toolmanmike

    WTB WTB 71 RR dash parts: radio etc

    Moved this thread to the correct forum.