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  1. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1970 B body OEM sway bars

    (2 EA) 1970 B body OEM sway bars / swaybars .. $95 EA Or PM me with an offer. Include email if you want the HD pics Thanks for looking and thanks FBBO
  2. tallhair

    FOR SALE 68 / 69 B body OEM sway bar and Hemi leafs

    ugly but solid parts 2 sway bars .. one has one mounting bolt the other has none. both have mounting brackets - $95 EA 1 Set of 440 / Hemi / axle package leaf springs - $100 SET Or PM me with an offer PM me with email for HD pics and phone if you want to...
  3. tallhair

    FOR SALE LA, B, & RB OEM Cast Iron 4 BBL intakes

    LA, B, and RB OEM Cast Iron Mopar 4 BBL intakes - 318, 340, 360, 361, 383, 400, 440 3 EA - Big Block square bore 1962-67 361/383-4 intake casting number 2205968 (used on 67 383 A bodies - dated 67 casting date) - $100 1968-69 383-4 intake casting number 2806301 - $125 1967-69 440-4...
  4. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Big Block Bellhousing

    1969 Big block bell housing. Good condition just needs a good cleaning. Price - $400 Casting # 2892626 Appears to be 8-25-68 or 6-25-68 Casting date. I'll clean it up and check for sure next time I'm at storage. Correct for B and C body Please PM for discussion or HD...
  5. tallhair

    FOR SALE Single Snorkel A / B / C / E Body Air Cleaners

    Air Cleaners / Breathers for A, B, C, and E Bodies and Trucks Item 1 Price - $60 Late 60's / 67 / 68 Air Cleaner was used on B and C bodies Top of Big Block 4 BBL w/ 5" opening air cleaner - Does not include the base plate This top is in very good condition - maybe a good replacment if...
  6. tallhair

    SOLD Small Block Mopar TRUCK Headers Never Used

    Small block 273-318-360 TRUCK headers for sale - $85 plus shipping They have never been used but are scuffed up a little for being shifted around Thanks :)
  7. tallhair

    FOR SALE Holley 4160 600 CFM 4 BBL carb - moves freely

    List 9834 - 4160 600 CFM carb $75 All parts move freely and butterfly's open. Diaphragm moves air when butterfly moved The small shiney area was a piece of foil that I missed when taking pics. I brushed off and will take a pic w/o the flair if you like I also have a couple of...
  8. tallhair

    SOLD 8.25 Diplomat Cop Car Sure Grip 3rd member

    8.25 Diplomat Cop Car Sure Grip - 3rd member Pretty sure it's a 2.94 or possibly 3.23 $400 OBO PM me with questions or offers. Send email and phone please
  9. tallhair

    SOLD Original 1969 Plymouth 69/70 Dodge CARB AIR cable for AG or Ramcharger

    Original 1969 Plymouth and 1969/70 Dodge CARB AIR cable for Plymouth Air Grabber or Dodge Ramcharger fresh air systems. Shelf dusty but is in working order. PM for email if you want pictures or my number to discuss $60 plus shipping .. PM if you are interested
  10. tallhair

    SOLD Edelbrock Torker '340'

    Edelbrock Torker '340' small block aluminum intake manifold in very nice original condition $135 shipped to anywhere in the CONUS. Trades of 70 Road Runner or 68 Coronet R/T parts considered Please PM me with email / phone and questions
  11. tallhair

    FOR SALE Lot's of stuff in my storage areas for sale see the link for pictures

    Replacement thread since I mis-marked the other one. This stuff is for sale but I would be open to a trade for hood or trunk lid for 68 RT, 70 RR Air Grabber hood or 440 AG breather base plate or 70 440+6 complete breather or possibly other parts. I'm heading to my storage areas tomorrow and...
  12. tallhair

    Edelbrock 750 cfm carb

    Looking to buy newer, never used or recently used Edelbrock 750 cfm carb that does not require a rebuild. It will be used on a 440 Auto car so the adapter for kickdown linkage is a plus. Please PM me email address so we can exchange info and you can send carb details, pictures, and total cost...
  13. tallhair

    FOR SALE Not Mine - 67 coronet or charger jack for sale $150 on craigslis IL looks pretty comp looks really complete don't know if good deal or not but there you go if interested
  14. tallhair

    WTB OEM 3.54 ring and pinion

    Hi folks I'm looking to buy an original MOPAR 3.54 ring a pinion gear set in usable condition i.e. one that will not "whine and / or dine on my differential" :) educated folks feel free to chime in on pitfalls of doing this or things to look out for. I"m looking to replace an aftermarket...
  15. tallhair

    FOR SALE - 1966 1967 Plymouth GTX Coronet bumper jack - $75 (st louis)

    Not mine but I know people are always looking for bumper jacks so here you go: link here --->>>