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  1. toolmanmike

    1964 Dodge 440

    Dang that's a good lookin' 64. I hope to own one sometime before I get too old. LOL
  2. toolmanmike


    Nice one! Look at Classic Industries. They have a huge selection of decals like that.
  3. toolmanmike

    68 plymouth, I moved my rear axle.

    Charger's don't count. I should have mentioned that. Road Runners and Super Bee's seem more picky with rear wheel width. May be 10's with a perfect offset.
  4. toolmanmike

    68 plymouth, I moved my rear axle.

    68-70 B Bodies never liked 10" wide wheels. 8's look good.
  5. toolmanmike

    Question: Is a build sheet always to be found under the rear seat?

    "Always" is a absolute. Not "always" but most likely. Taped above the glove box liner, Between the roof and the headliner, under the carpet, between the bucket seat backs and covers just to name a few.
  6. toolmanmike

    Can you put in fuel system cleaner?

    Chevron Techron is top notch stuff. Seafoam is great as well. I would trickle it down the carb at about 1/4-1/3 throttle. You can't believe the scrbon and crap that came out of the tail pipe. Great carbon blaster.
  7. toolmanmike

    Time to Sell the Charger... Need Some Advice!

    Yep. What do you have in it? (don't need to know but you need the answer yourself) Get your money back and walk away. If it's cheap enough it would be a good parts car for someone else. From what I see $1500 would be reasonable.
  8. toolmanmike

    No More Chevy Engine Bay

    That's what I tell people when they feed me crap at a car show. "I'm thinking of painting it black. I just got a head start when I had the engine out." :lol:
  9. toolmanmike

    No More Chevy Engine Bay

    Looks great. Something I should have done to my 66 Dart. I was in too big of a hurry to get the engine set back in place and running.
  10. toolmanmike

    1970 Coronet Grocery Getter

    Stop by The Mopar Nats this summer outside of Columbus (now called "The Nats") They have a big swap meet and you will probably find what you are looking for. Don't limit yourself to just the swap area. The racers sell parts and talking to car owners can work as well. Everybody has spare parts...
  11. toolmanmike


    Just the way it is. I like a contrast between the inside and out. My Swinger is B5 inside and out. It's a lotta' blue!
  12. toolmanmike

    1964 Dodge 440

    Sorry for your loss.
  13. toolmanmike

    Help Please with this

    You need to start a Wanted thread
  14. toolmanmike

    65 Coronet numbers checking

    If it left the factory with that engine and the fender tag is original to the car, it came with that 361. 426's had a 80 and 82 engine code (under AB on the tag). THe 80 was a 365 horse single 4 barrel with 10.3/1 compression and the 82 was a 425 horse dual quad with 12.5/1. What do the Grand...
  15. toolmanmike

    65 Coronet numbers checking

    Probably not. Looks like a 361 2 barrel (1965 engine code 50) It could have come from Grand Spalding. They were a dealer and sold regular cars as well as their hot rods.
  16. toolmanmike

    Update 67 Charger engine Bay and core support painted

    Good to see the front of the support black. Nice work!
  17. toolmanmike

    1966 Coronet 500

    Nice ride!