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  1. tallhair

    How do you tell the difference between 68-70 BB throttle brackets?

    I’ve been researching and can’t find any info on how to tell the difference between B and RB throttle brackets for 68-70 b bodies. I know there are two different part numbers. Most repro stuff lumps them all together but have seen informed posters say there’s a difference between B and RB, but...
  2. tallhair

    K Frame stiffening plates - Who has installed them? Any pitfalls or recommendations

    Any members here want to share opinions, warnings, tips or suggestions on the K frame and Lower control arm stiffening plates skid plate? I have an extra K frame and LCA set I want to do the stiffening up work to before paint and install w/ front rebuild and swap to disc brakes in my hot rod...
  3. tallhair

    I dont want your xbox , subs amps or laptops

    I like this guys style Also ... anyone own this car?
  4. tallhair

    Adapting late mode remote hood and trunk release to 68-70 B-Bodes

    Adapting late model remote hood and trunk release to 68-70 B-Bodes Never attempted a Poll before so added it to this one to check it out Any body done this on a 68-70 B-Body / have some pics / share some tips and pictures? ebay trunk release FABO post of using Diplomat stuff for trunklid 1...
  5. tallhair

    Going from 8 3/4 to Dana 60 9 3/4 drive shaft question

    Hey guys I'm looking to change rear differentials in a 70 RR from a 8 3/4 to a Dana 60. what is the difference in drive shaft length? Any other things to consider (the Dana is coming out of a 69 B-body so spring perch etc dimensions are same there) diff is coming with e-brake cable and is...