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  1. khryslerkid

    FOR SALE Early Dog Dish Caps

    1961 Plymouth
  2. khryslerkid

    FOR SALE Old Appliance Wheels and Tires

    I have a pair of, what looks to be, Appliance wheels. 14x6" with a 3" backspace, Mopar, Ford pattern. Rough, chrome flaking in one spot. No center caps. The tires hold air. Asking $50 for the pair Local Pickup Only Also selling a pair of Firestone Firehawks P235/60R15 They have some age...
  3. khryslerkid

    SOLD Weld Draglites, nice (4) set 15"

    You said you're thinning out your collection. Selling the red steelies?
  4. khryslerkid

    WTB 10x15 steel wheels

    Bump, :-)