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    old car magazines

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    Fluid Dynamic Engineer in the House? Air filters and CFM's

    Wondering how filter size is determined. More exactly, what is the smallest filter that can be used on a 500 cfm 2 barrel. Online converters say the a 440 at 5000 rpm makes 31 cfm. I have no idea what that means. Can a filter be rated by total square inches of paper? I need an air cleaner...
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    Used steel drag wheel damage?

    Wanting to make my Charger Day Two as I had it back then, I am looking at a pair of steel 14x7 reverse wheels. After having SS's and the T Thrusts broke, I went back to steel and original hubcaps. To fit my Dunlop G60 GT Qualifiers, I bought chrome reverse wheels from K-Mart. The 14x7's I found...