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  1. RJS

    SOLD Bouchillon TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable and Carburetor Bracket ETC...

    Bouchillon TorqueFlite Kickdown cable P/N 3350 and Carburetor Bracket set-up P/N 3395. This is very nice used condition, new would cost a total of $335+. Can be used on all types of 4 bbl. setups to obtain proper shift/kickdown points. Price $200 plus $12 shipping in Us ONLY. Can also be picked...
  2. RJS

    SOLD 1970 Big Block Aluminum Bell Housing P/N 2892513

    1970 and up Big Block aluminum bell housing P/N 2892513. Just cleaned and checked all thread holes. Uses the 130 tooth flywheel and 10.5 or 10.95 clutch set-up. No cracks. Excellent condition w/1970 date on it. Fits Big Block Cuda's Road Runners etc... Pay Pal friends and family + shipping...
  3. RJS

    SOLD MOPAR Fuel Tank CR-10B Spectra Premium W/straps

    I have a 5000 mile fuel tank in excellent condition but previous owner undercoated it. If you want to take the time it can be removed. Spectra Premium tank CR-10B for 1972 maybe 73 built after 4/72 with 4 ports. Straps also included Local Pickup due to size although I do have the box but...
  4. RJS

    FOR SALE Fuel Tank CR-10B Spectra Premium W/straps fits 1972 B-Body after 4/72 and maybe 73.

    I have an under 5000 mile fuel tank in excellent condition but previous owner undercoated it. If you want to take the time it can be removed. Spectra Premium tank CR-10B for 1972 maybe 73 built after 4/72 with 4 ports. Straps also included Local Pickup due to size although I do have the box...
  5. RJS

    FOR SALE Two Nipple factory style Breather

    (1) One 2 nipple factory style valve cover breather. Very clean just a couple of weeks use. Black paint is very nice, picture is dark and blurry. Price $50 shipped in US ONLY. Pay Pal friends and family please. Please PM Thanks Ron
  6. RJS

    FOR SALE Front Sway Bar Links and bushing brackets

    Have a good used set of front sway bar links and u-clamps One u-clamp needs a slight straightening, see picture. From 1972 B-Body Price $15 plus $10 to ship in US Only Pay Pal friends and family Please PM Thanks Ron
  7. RJS

    SOLD Pair DynoMax 3" Mufflers P/N 17744

    I pair of DynoMax 3" Turbo mufflers P/N 17744 Used for appro. 1 week Excellent condition. Price $90 plus actual Fed Ex shipping in US Only Located in S. Jersey Please PM Thanks Ron
  8. RJS

    SOLD March performance pulleys 383-440

    I have a March set-up from my old car I no longer need. Spend a little time with some aluminum polish to make them sparkle!! Part# 10010 Includes crank/alternator/water pump pulleys and alternator pulley cover. 4 shallow head water pump bolts and 6 crank pulley bolts and washers. Price $150...
  9. RJS

    SOLD Flaming River Manual Steering Box w/coupler

    I have a Flaming River manual box I just removed from my 66 Satellite (going back to power steering). Small cross shaft, I think pre 73 is what that is called. Worked fine in my car and it comes with the joints needed to adapt to your shaft and some paperwork. Price is $375 plus shipping in US...
  10. RJS

    SOLD Saginaw Power Streeing Cooler

    Restored Power Steering Cooler for Saginaw pump. Cleaned, stripped, straightened and painted. Date code in 4th. picture 168th. day of 1969. If your Muscle Car came with an axle package and PS this would be on the unit. Excellent piece!! $375 shipped in US only!
  11. RJS

    FOR SALE Airgrabber/Ramcharger-Actuator/Bracket and spring

    P/N 3508178 Actuator/Bracket plus spring. Tested and working, very nice condition but has mounting studs broken. Includes original factory box and bracket even has correct Sem bolt. These are extremely hard to find so hopefully someone can repair it. ************Price reduced to...
  12. RJS

    SOLD NOS Electronic Voltage Regulator

    One NOS (was bolted to car until I found proper date) Voltage Regulator 173 date code Good for any car but correct for a 1973 needing this date code. Price $75 plus $9 toward shipping in US Only Please PM Thanks Ron
  13. RJS

    FOR SALE Big Block Coil Bracket

    One coil bracket good used. Price $10 Plus $7 toward shipping in US Only Please PM Thanks Ron
  14. RJS

    SOLD Gaskets for 383-440 Package Price

    Have gaskets for 383-440 all new never used. Want to sell as one package. Price $42 plus shipping to you in US Only 2- Fel-Pro 8519 PT-1 head gaskets 1- Fel-Pro 1414 Exhaust gaskets (2 in pack) 1- Fel-Pro VS 13379 Valve Cover gaskets (2 in pack) 1- Mahle VS 38322H Valve Cover Gaskets (2 in...
  15. RJS

    SOLD 26" Aluminum Radiator

    Custom made 26" aluminum radiator that bolts right in to 66 and up b-body My 496 never went over 195 and normally ran at 185 degrees. Has internal cooling for automatic that was never used. Has mounting holes for stock type shrouds also. Cost was $549 when new Price $125 prefer pickup in South...
  16. RJS

    SOLD Braded universal dipstick from 440

    One (1) braded dipstick set-up from a 440 I just removed last week. Please PM Price $25
  17. RJS

    SOLD Pair of Flowmaster 3" Delta Flow mufflers

    Two (2) 3" FLO 843041 mufflers 40Series Delta Flow 13" body and 19" overall Offset In and Center Out Removed from my car last week... I think these are actually stainless if you wanted to take the time to remove paint and polish. Please PM Price $100 plus shipping
  18. RJS

    SOLD Fuel Cell set-up for early B-Body

    I have a 15 gallon fuel cell and all the hardware to drop into an early B-Body trunk doing minimum modifications. Four (4) small holes are the only changes made to your floor. (1) 15 Gallon cell (1) trunk mat (1) tire hard board finish piece Misc. Brad ed lines bolts and spacers for install...
  19. RJS

    SOLD 1971 383-440 Driver side exhaust manifold

    1- 383-440 HP Driver side Exhaust Manifold in perfect condition. When I bought it was told it was an early 70's take-off. P/N 2951865-1 Date Code 8-25-70 Price $200 plus shipping or local pick-up in South Jersey Please PM
  20. RJS

    SOLD New Holley/Quick Fuel 600 DP

    New Holley/Quick Fuel 600 DP Brawler Carburetor P/N BR-67211 Perfect for a warmed over 318-400 engine especially 4 speed!!! Cost $425.95 at Summit Racing Please PM Part located in New Jersey $300 shipped in US Only!!! Thanks Ron