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  1. RJS

    1971 vs 1972 Strobe Stripes: Is it just me?

    Your two example pictures are placed horribly!!!! I have a bigger problem with cars that have the wrong year stripes over the difference between the two years! Ron
  2. RJS

    Another 72 RR grille question

    They are different, the guy that started making the grills needs to make them too to help sell the product IMHO. Ron
  3. RJS

    Door weather strips???

    Yes I made an order at DMT, but these seals aren't his manufacture. They are made by Metro Products. Ron
  4. RJS

    Door weather strips???

    What is the go to brand for door weather strips now a days??? Metro? Soft Seal?? ETC? Who is the go to vendor now a days also??? I haven't had to buy any in a bunch of years. Application is 1972 B-Body Thanks Ron
  5. RJS

    Leaf spring paint dab information?

    Does anyone have the information or can direct me to where I can find this? 1972 B-Body 400 4bbl. automatic 8 3/4 rear. Both are 5 leaf P/N 2835155 dated the 300th day of 1971. Rear springs are original to my car but when I restored it back in 2015 I never took the time to look. I found and...
  6. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    So I'll assume you have no ductwork modifications/issues right? Thank you Ron
  7. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Your pictures were really what I was after, I wonder is that the taller 383 base do you remember which it is?
  8. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Yesa I know about Bouchillon and will talk to them when I get closer. My car is factory A/C, the second picture in the above thread. Thanks for all your help Ron
  9. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    I like the 70 routing, wonder if I should go that route. On the purple car do they give you enough so as to get the left high side in front of thevalve cover or to much of a curve? Ron
  10. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Those are too funky looking for me but thanks Ron
  11. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    If you get a chance post up your 70's engine compartment please. Ron
  12. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Michael i forgot about that video, seen it a while back. yes that is an option but still hoping to make this happen with compressor in correct position on drivers side and did plan to order it black or paint it black to camouflage it a bit more. I know to do this it can never appear as 100%...
  13. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Very good to hear so on a 70 it's basically the same so the compressor will clear the ducting on the hood when hood is closed. The big wrench in this could be my 400 has a RPM intake on it which is higher so hoping by using a 440 baseplate will bring it back down enough for all to work properly...
  14. RJS

    Any 71-2 AirGrabber Cars that added A/C

    Anyone with a 1971-2 B-Body that has an AirGrabber/RamCharger and added A/C??? Or for that matter an A/C car that added AirGrabber/RamCharger?? Love to see pictures and hear the details before I start this adventure. I posted a picture of my old car but the one I'm doing has a 26" radiator...
  15. RJS

    Production number on 73 Charger 400 4sp

    You will not find a broadcast sheet above the gas tank unless GM built your Charger. Look under lower back seat, behind upper backseat, taped to back of glovebox or under front bucket seat, and under carpet.
  16. RJS

    1974 Plymouth Roadrunner/GTX Positive Battery cable!?!

    Get the part # for it out of the 74 parts book and seach E-Bay from time to time. Or try asking M+H if they can make it for you based on your original sample. Ron
  17. RJS

    71-2 air grabber switch

    Brett is this what you're talking about?? Ron
  18. RJS

    Will a stock 400 smoke the tires?

    John it is fact that in 1972 and possibly73 4 speed 400 engines were steel cranks. Bought my first in 1977 from original owner with 21,000 miles. 1972 Satellite Sebring Plus 400 4speed 3.23 suregrip. Mine had 3.91's after a year or two when original owner broke the 3.23's. I bought another...
  19. RJS

    71 Super Bee Hood Options

  20. RJS

    Body color wheels

    By the middle of 71 all wheels were Black Ron