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  1. BadBee

    WTB '69 Super Bee

    Hello All, As it says69 Bee 383/440 D21(only) in F-8, B-5 Or EV2 must be a driver or I would consider a project car Thanks Mitch
  2. BadBee

    WTB Used Rottisserie

    Looking for one that's in decent shape,PM me Thanks, Mitch
  3. BadBee

    WTB Six Pack Direct Connection Carbs

    Hello All, I'm looking for 4782/ and 2 -4783 mechanical carbs in good condition, Thanks, Mitch
  4. BadBee

    WTB 1965 Satellite manual console

    Hello every one Just what it says I'm looking for a manual console for my 1965 Satellite ,I have an automatic floor one willing to trade???!!! PM Me thanks!!
  5. BadBee

    WTB 65 Satellite power steering Box

    Hello Guys as it says!!!! I lost all my PMs since the change over! There were Two FBBO members that had one please P.M me to do the deal, Thanks!!
  6. BadBee

    WTB 65 B BODY Power Steering Box

    Hello All I'm looking for a power steering box for a '65 B Body, PM Me Thank You!!
  7. BadBee

    WTB 4782/4783 carbs

    Hello All Looking for a set of over the counter 4782/4783 Holley 2300 series carbs and linkage in fair-excellent shape with linkage. Thanks, Mitch