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  1. Lineman

    Need rear bumper filler BAD!!! 73 Roadrunner..

    The guys in GA have temporarily stopped making them and my bumpers are coming back any day. Any idea who might have stocked them and still have them, the side pieces? I think the top piece is available, maybe. Thanks Jay
  2. Lineman

    Please recommend rear bumper trim 73 Roadrunner

    I need to buy the plastic trim around the rear bumper for my 73 Roadrunner the top and side pieces. The side pieces are a little harder to come by than the top but has anybody had any experience with any of the vendors lately getting these pieces? I think I found a set on eBay and Google may...
  3. Lineman

    69 GTX/Roadrunner Vinyl top trim????

    Thanks for the help. So what is the best way to address this? The plastic clips gave up and I cant seem to find there anywhere. The ones I seem to find are spring clips but they look like they have another piece that fit in the chrome trim to make them work? I bought some plastic clips but they...