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  1. Lineman

    What exactly do I have here?

    I assume they are some kind of rivets? So I need the tool to go with it? Thanks
  2. Lineman

    Green seatbelts, is this pile of belts worth anything?

    I bought this pile of belts and still don't know if I have the right ones in my 1969 GTX? I need the correct right side retractable belt too, if anyone has one they can sell or trade? Meantime any idea what these belts are out of? Most are labeled 1967-69. Amy idea what they are worth? Thanks Jay
  3. Lineman

    Need advice on this new dash pad!! Please help.. 69 GTX

    So I am putting some upgrades in the dash on my 69 GTX.. I bought this new dash pad, did I get the color wrong? I am almost positive the pad I pulled out was the original. Thanks for the help. Jay