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  1. hemi71x

    The Bendix 4 piston ordeal

    What exactly do you mean by "rebuilt"? Did you get the caliper bores sleeved? If you didn't and the bores are pitted, the piston seals aren't going to seal up, and they will be leakers. Sad to say, but it's just the way it is, with the seal, on the piston itself.
  2. RemCharger

    Suppler for 'vert rear window...

    I believe the 66 is the tall top plastic window tall bow , and 67s introduced the glass window small bow. Was plastic an option in 67 up? I don't know. I currently have 2 66 500's with no tops and a 67 Belvedere glass window frame. Trying to learn as well.
  3. Budnicks

    14X7 JJ Rim with 4.5 bolt pattern

    welcome to FBBO go to the Market Place classifieds, find the proper forum & put an add in there GM parts ? on a MoPar forum ? I'd read the rules too good luck
  4. hemi71x

    The Bendix 4 piston ordeal

    Those Cardone's are as good as your going to get, in this day and age. If you know where are pair of them are, i think you'd better get them, while you can.
  5. StayTrue

    1966 Belvedere Wagon Gas Tank / Sending Unit

    I just wish we had a vent on the sending unit. I’m dealing with major vapor lock out here in Vegas and probably going to drill a hole in the new sending unit. Has anyone else delt with this issue? I see some people talking about running it back to the filler neck vent instead ‍♂️
  6. RemCharger

    440 timing and pinging

    I'm predicting a fairly long thread. One question will be, what pistons. What static compression ratio. Did you try a different timing light. Etc :popcorn:
  7. StayTrue

    Best HP oil pan for lowered 66

    I’d like to drop the front a little bit I just cringe looking at it even at the height it’s at now… Any preference on hemi pan/windage tray? Thanks
  8. R

    The Bendix 4 piston ordeal

    Are those cardone 4 piston calipers any good?? I need a pair and know where a pair are unused.
  9. Budnicks

    Great Guy Alert Richard AKA 69bfan

    @69bfan He sounds like a great guy, :thumbsup: good to know with a good business 'etiquette', and great customer service he leads you to a vender that has them, when he didn't that' some stand-up stuff right there make a mental note, good dude Good to be a 'Dick' :poke: aka Richard sorry I...
  10. Dbl_R69

    FOR SALE 68 Coronet RT & 500 tail light bezels

    Original 1968 Coronet RT / 500 tail light bezels. Straight, no serious damage, dings dents or broken areas. Bezels do have quite a bit of pitting which seems to be pretty common on these. Driver side is missing a stud and needs one stud replaced. Good set to have restored. $80 plus shipping
  11. Photon440

    What exactly do I have here?

    They look almost like blue jean rivets.
  12. Photon440

    The Bendix 4 piston ordeal

    Well, last year the offshore Cardone replacements were $100 but they seem to have dried up now.[]=SUBMODEL|R%2FT
  13. C

    2 wire alt battery relocation to trunk { not a race car }

    DO NOT attach the OEM black charge wire at your alternator. That needs to be left off. No problem. Just remember that you want to isolate the charge line and battery + from the other side of the cutoff switch/wire to OEM starter relay.
  14. Dbl_R69

    FOR SALE 66-70 Auto console brackets

    Original 1966-70 B-body auto console bracket set. Not the prettiest looking but all the metal is solid and everything is intact. $100 plus shipping through usps flat rate
  15. 33 IMP

    Best HP oil pan for lowered 66

    Bucks up, with plenty of header clearance: milodon road race pan Budget? Repop 6qt hemi pan. Use a windage tray. My milodon low profile hangs 1 1/2" below the k-member ... but so do the headers. Haven't banged either on the ground yet. I try not to.
  16. 1 Wild R/T

    question for electricians on home project

    Seen that, most tile guys aren't electricians...But they can be artists...
  17. RemCharger

    Looking for header suggestions

    What once common knowledge, becomes sacred knowledge.
  18. RemCharger

    question for electricians on home project

    It's when the ears don't grab..then you get your wiggly piece of **** . I'm learning from this thread. I give it; :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  19. 33 IMP

    68-70 AMD rear bumpers are now in stock

    Looks like goodmark only makes the rear bumper. I'm looking for a front for a 69 runner. Bought a AMD rear during the sale.