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  1. 451Mopar

    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    The bolts on the front hangers are press-fit, should be able to press them out. I like the original look, but the bolts should work. On the pinion seal, count the number of threads above the nut, and then mark a line on the pinion, the nut, and the yoke so you can put everything back to the...
  2. 451Mopar

    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    Mancini Racing - Restoration Axle U-Bolt Pkg
  3. 451Mopar

    Need advice on heads for 318

    The 1967 318 and 1966 273 heads are a closed chamber design that could be used to increase compression. I don't know how they flow? Put some '67 318 heads on a friends 1970 Challenger 318, mild cam, 4-bbl intake, stock manifolds with dual exhaust and it runs pretty good.
  4. 451Mopar

    I think I've had it with my hydraulic roller cam

    I haven't used off the shelf pushrods in 30 years. I always measure for pushrod length and then custom order the pushrods from Smith Brothers pushrods. Because the pushrod holes in the heads are sort of small, and spring pressures not that high, I just used 5/16" x 0.083" wall pushrods. I...
  5. 451Mopar

    Need advice on heads for 318

    Member TTSaleen was looking to sell an entire 318 and transmission recently 1968 318 engine + 904 transmission - what's it worth?
  6. 451Mopar

    Looking for tools and tips to make working on my car easier and faster

    already mentioned #1 - Factory Service Manual. #2 - Wobble extension sets. When socket is pushed all the way on, works like a normal socket extension, 3/8" and 1/4" get used the most. I am using the GearWrench brand and they work for me. Avoid the real cheap ones as they won't hold the...
  7. 451Mopar

    SOLD New BCR Aluminum Mains & Girdle System for RB

    Do you have all the other hardware except the main studs? Outer cap studs, girdle studs and hardware?
  8. 451Mopar

    Mopar trans shop?

    Don't know any shops in that area, but do find a shop that knows the early transmissions. The park break cable / pinch bolt can be seized on a trans this old. Might ask them if they know the differences in the transmission filters, canister-type transmission fluid filter ('60-'63), Dual port...
  9. 451Mopar

    99 again so far. Clocked 100 yesterday.....

    Sort of lucky the weather cooled off the last few days. A/C went out at the beginning of the month, and still waiting for the new unit.
  10. 451Mopar

    RB Valve cover studs

    Most of the aluminum heads, the valve cover gasket needs to be trimmed around the outer rocker shaft pedestals to keep the gasket inside the lip of the valve cover. I think the RPM heads, the valve cover bolt holes are at a slight angle? With the thicker aluminum valve covers the bolt holes...
  11. 451Mopar

    Does anyone know what gauge wire is used for the tail light wires on a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner?

    Check the condition of the rest of the rear wiring harness and light sockets. A new harness is $139 just in case the rest of the harness is messed up too. 1971 Plymouth and Dodge B-body Rear light harness. RL68
  12. 451Mopar

    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    Which flasher relay? A test light from ground to the flasher out terminal should flash the test light. Might want to check current draw. Remove flasher and connect amp meter to the connections where the flasher plugs in, and try the turn signals to see how much current they draw. I have only...
  13. 451Mopar

    Truck Transmission?

    On the early 4 wheel drive trucks the 727 had a short extension tail shaft and a short drive shaft connecting to the transfer case. I think it might have the 4-clutch front drum, and 4 pinion planet gear. The version I had, 1973, a yoke bolted to the output shaft, so the driveshaft would need a...
  14. 451Mopar

    1968 318 engine + 904 transmission - what's it worth?

    I'm curious what you get for it. I'm swapping the 318/904 out of my '69 Coronet for a 360/518
  15. 451Mopar

    Polygraphite PST Suspension

    For the '69 Coronet 500, I just bought the Mopar HD replacement leaf springs, and the rubber shackle bushings for $20 Mopar Performance P4452987 Mopar Performance Rear Spring Shackle Bushings | Summit Racing The lead springs were a bit under $150 each.
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    Need safety glass advice

    The goggles work good, and most will fit over eyeglasses if you need to wear them. I have these: I posted Amazon description, link doesn't seem to work? DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle, Clear Lens, 1 Pair I have some prescription safety glasses that look about...
  17. 451Mopar

    Polygraphite PST Suspension

    My thoughts too, but I don't think you would notice a difference between the two bushings at just the rear shackle, and the silicone lube seems to work good. Just tighten everything with the suspension loaded, not hanging.
  18. 451Mopar

    Which electronic ignition

    Sorry about the info overload. The 8-pin module got me going because last week I was looking at how to adapt the GM knock sensor & module to pull timing from the HEI module.
  19. 451Mopar

    I think I've had it with my hydraulic roller cam

    It is OK with me, I was just expecting it to be quieter with the hydraulic lifters. It will pull to 6,000 easy. Likely would pull higher rpm than that, but I have the rev-limit set to 6,000. Pretty easy to hit the rev-limiter with the 5-speed manual and street tires.