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  1. Charger72

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    Very big day this past Saturday, finally got the engine installed. I'm a one man show when it comes to my car, definitely got a lot of looks in the neighborhood. :) Also had to of course install the torsion bars, went well but as usual was a bit of a struggle with the boots. Just used a lot...
  2. Charger72

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    Thanks Islandkent.
  3. Charger72

    Mating a 904 transmission to a 360

    Thanks MoparLeo.
  4. Charger72

    Mating a 904 transmission to a 360

    Thanks a lot for the helpful information, I'll go ahead and get started on it.
  5. Charger72

    Mating a 904 transmission to a 360

    Thanks Cranky, my engine builder had previously told me "It's balanced internally requiring no weight on the flex plate".
  6. Charger72

    Mating a 904 transmission to a 360

    Hello All, need some help; I'm wanting to install the engine and transmission together. Previous setup was a 318 & 904 transmission, now I have a 360 &904. Not sure how the 360 & 904 mount. I have all the hardware, should I have the flex plate attached to the trans as shown? Also what I have...
  7. Charger72

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Threw the doors back on, 58 and still lifting doors by myself. The drivers door had nothing installed, the passengers door had the glass installed, etc. Quite a bit of difference in weight that's for sure. Still need to do some aligning. Will put in the vapour barriers shortly.
  8. Charger72

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    Oh Spring Fling, shoot that would have been nice, will be at a Baptism instead. Enjoy!
  9. Charger72

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    Exactly Wayne!. The number one question I get is, "you finished that car yet?", followed by how's the car coming and will it be done this summer?
  10. Charger72

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    Not a lot going on lately. Yesterday rolled the car out onto the driveway and test fitted my console. Since I am going from column to floor shift wanted to make sure everything lined up. Over the next few days I need to get the following done. 1. Install the doors. 2. Install the fenders...
  11. Charger72

    My 1971 Road runner

    Had both issues with my wing. Good luck with the fix.
  12. Charger72

    70 Charger R/T S.E. restoration...It's Done!!!

    Beautiful car now you are out there enjoying it after so many years. Congrats!
  13. Charger72

    72 Polara at the Stockton, CA. Pick-N-Pull wrecking yard.

    Yup Dodge Royal Monaco, we used to have a burgundy '76.
  14. Charger72

    Wiper arm

    Hey Joe, not mine but this is what it looks like on a '72 b-body. I just installed my wipers back on my Charger. Shows clip.
  15. Charger72

    “The real brotherhood of Muscle”

    Looks like "Muscle" is not what it used to be. :rolleyes:
  16. Charger72

    Happy Birthday To dadsbee

    Happy Birthday Wayne! :thumbsup:
  17. Charger72

    72 Dodge Charger SE $8000 not mine

    I've seen this one before, hard not to forget that interior. Another owner who things hideaway headlights means SE.
  18. Charger72

    71 Charger SE build

    Excellent, thank you, prefer those to some of the others I have seen.
  19. Charger72

    71 Charger SE build

    Like the front mats, do you mind sharing where you bought them from? Car is looking great!