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    Rattle can shaker tool I made

    Reciprocating saw blade and muffler clamp. Works great. Don't know if I had to, but I used a propane torch to take the blue out of the blade.
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    Just bought a Milwaukee 2" sander/polisher

    I debated with myself buying it because its use is limited. It only sands and polishes, but it does it nicely. A friend has one so I used it and liked it so much, I bought one. What I like is the control, you can idle this thing right down to nothing. But for $200, yikes. That's how...
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    How to drill a blind hole?

    I need to drill a 3/4" diameter hole, 1/4 inch deep in a 3/8" thick, flat piece of cast aluminum. I have a drill press, what do I need for a bit? The hole gives clearance for a bolt
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    Machining Cast Aluminum with an end grinder

    I'm shaping some 1/4 inch thick cast aluminum. No idea of its composition. My problem is: the carbide burr, (sc-3nf 1/4x3/8x3/4x2) packs full of material quickly. Is there a way to prevent this? A technique? A faster way to dig out the cutters? I'm spending more time digging than grinding
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    replacing broken Craftsman

    I just parted a '69 RR far in the field. I stripped it bare, but I broke my 1/2 inch ratchet, then my 3/8ths, then my 1/4 inch. I/m glad to say I got everything that was salvageable before I ran out of tools. I haven't had to replace a ratchet since Sears, so where is the best place to go...
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    cutting 3/16 Aluminum with a small scroll saw?

    Need to cut a number of pieces of flat aluminum. Never owned or used one, but thinking of buying this one for a project I have going. How difficult is it to change blades?
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    Cool Tool

    Never seen one of these before
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    socket holders for top tray of a roller?

    bought an incomplete set of sockets. One of those Craftsman all in one carry around boxes. It is missing one drawer of sockets, so I am thinking of just blending them into the top of one of my rolling cabinets and tossing the box and trays. The trays take up too much space. Magnetic? I do...