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    OH **** Handle

    I have foot brace and knee pad for my left leg on my autocross car, but the only OS bar is a factory thing on the passenger side. I couldn't drive that car on a course with only one hand. The four point harness pretty much keeps my fat *** in place.
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    Air Filter Size

    Link please. I looked, but must not have used the correct words
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    Air Filter Size

    You will lose that much or more HP by having a 100lb person riding with you.
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    Connecting mechanical oil pressure gauge

    Your Factory Service Manual will show a number of oil passage plugs you can tie into
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    Is this Crazy or am I missing something?

    What you might find with the highest priced one is that the guy meant $700 and somebody with zero feedbacks went ahead and bought it as a joke. What's truly funny is I've bought and sold NOS tachometers and they don't always work. Just because they're new, there's no guarantee.
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    Overpriced reproduction parts for what they are

    I looked into a printer to mass produce my widget. $2500 and it can print 12x12x12. My local library has three and they will train you how to print, so I was very interested. Learn at the library, then buy my own. There is a wide variety of filaments available. I was looking at a Glass...
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    Overpriced reproduction parts for what they are

    I invented and have been developing a Mopar part, (soon to be for sale). I cast the first in aluminum and then discovered a foundry. The raw castings have gone up 20% in less than a year. To be profitable, one has to get 2 1/2 times cost, including that 20% increase.
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    Overpriced reproduction parts for what they are

    Based on limited past experience, my guess is $20,000 each for the first two, $2 each after.
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    Looking for advice for cold starting 318 engine

    You need a factory shop manual. Buy the cheapest (and rattiest) manual on eBay. It will tell you how to set the choke and carb for proper cold starting. I think there is one online for free.
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    Maybe still not mature enough

    Yeah, it's used race rubber. Pros trade it off while it's still good as they don't want to race on used rubber. It's some sticky **** that's affordable. It holds up well for autocrossing, but is short lived (but loads of fun) on the street
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    Maybe still not mature enough

    Done well, you scare yourself and that gets the adrenaline going. Stickier tires are even more fun. Try some of these on your Coronet:
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    Unique "5-Pack" Mopar

    Was the plan to cruise on the one barrel and save fuel? If you have a running 440 motor, 413 intake and one four barrel with the skills to get it in and exhaust plumbed out the back, another four barrel isn't hard to find.
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    My Satellite is a porker!

    If there is a fairly long stretch of 65 mph, it would be interesting to top the tank at the beginning and then again when the 65 mph was over. My unscientifically proven theory is: starting at 60mph, wind resistance hurts mileage noticeably.
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    My Satellite is a porker!

    Had access to a elevator scale for free, so I weighed a lot of vehicles. Title weights and factory figures are usually accurate, but not always.
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    Anyone running E-85 fuel?

    At the Co-op in Sturgis, it's $3.16 per gallon on 3/8/22
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    Used car advice

    Bought a '97 Camry 4 cylinder 5 speed with 170,000 miles. It now has 325, ugly as hell with rust and a hail storm that took out the glass, but it's still getting 28-30mpg on the Interstate and doesn't use oil. I have installed 3 timing belts and 3 sets of tires and one clutch. Taking it on...
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    Engine swap ideas

    Saw a 4 door 64 Fury yesterday. Not a scratch on it and in original paint. Fine looking car I would be proud to drive.
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    Engine swap ideas

    The 318 gets good fuel economy, is powerful enough to cruise at at any speed limit and get you all the speeding tickets you want. At one time, Chrysler said it was their best warranty motor, so it is dependable. Unless it has a miss or burns though oil, I would enjoy it for what it is, and...
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    383 runs lil ruff when warm

    When it starts to run ruff, will it smooth out any if you raise the rpm's? Not sure from the description, but the most common ailment is a vacuum leak. Happy to help, ask any time
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    Metal gas line going to carb?

    Not to get nosy, but why? I would assume the engine moving and rubber degradation might cause problems long term. I know repops are available for a lot of cars, or make your own. If you do't have a pattern, use #9 copper wire or coat hanger to make one and brake line from the parts store.