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    First generation charger tire size

    Wish I could re-create the Dunlop GT Qualifiers I had on my 66 Charger. G60 on back with 8" Kmart chrome reverse wheels ($10 each) and G70's on the front. Fat tires and original hubcaps.
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    What this charger might be worth.

    Can't really tell from the photos, not enough information. The front bumper and grill surround, if nice, are worth more than values quoted so far.
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    Valuation for 66 “g code” 4spd?

    My first car was a 1966 383 Charger with a 4 speed. They aren't the fastest in the Dodge line up, but they are impressive and fun. My advice: keep the one owner car original. At car shows, it's nice to see examples that are day one original. Forget the 440, a fresh 383 is a strong runner. If...
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    What the heck??!!??

    That's what Cadillac did in the 50's. The Cadillacs didn't have a taller windshield though. I would like to see the driver's door at least, but that would be a tall window. A 383 would motivate that camper just fine. B Bodies have pulled a lot of camper trailers with no lack of power when...
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    Deal of a lifetime

    So which is it, it's not for sale, or it would have to be pretty high? Thank goodness for eBay and FB where all of that **** is available ten deep.
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    Anyone try the headliner conversion in your first gen charger?

    If you like your new headliner, it could free you to experiment with the OEM Headliner. In High School Woodshop class, one project was to build a box and flock the inside. There also might be a Felt that could be glued to it.
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    Anyone try the headliner conversion in your first gen charger?

    Thanks for the link, I have a tough time navigating CI. Can't judge as well looking at a Coronet. It looks pretty good if a guy had a Coronet. I can almost imagine the Charger trim covering that headliner. The original is cool, I have never had mine out to see how it is constructed.
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    Anyone try the headliner conversion in your first gen charger?

    Never seen an aftermarket headliner offered. Who sells those?
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    Cup Holders for 66-67 Charger

    Those must have been strictly for A&W and drive-in movie theaters. Even being stationary, the smallest bump would make a mess.
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    Cup Holders for 66-67 Charger

    But this, put your original away, and get out your hole saw.|Model:Charger&hash=item3b5908928d:g:fVAAAOSwWENgSA~1 Edit: Maybe one in better shape, but...