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    WTB Looking for Mopar converted to a 6 pack setup to test fit my air cleaner

    I made an air cleaner for my Dodge and I think it might be something that would sell. Maybe not, but that's okay, I built it for me and I'll use it. Beyond that, it's all fun. Living in the boonies, there are no 6 pack cars around here to test fit and I think it would be good to see what it...
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    WTB Want to Examine a B Body w/longblock & no intake, Eastern Wyoming or Montana.

    I want to take some measurements of a B Body with RB long block in place. I have an intake, carb, and air cleaner assembly built for a Cee Body and I want to see with my own eyes that they will fit before proceeding with my project. I want to set the assembly on a long block and put balls of...
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    WTB Holley rear bowl (early dual feed) poor condition is okay

    Need one for a mock up that I will grind and sand to make fit. So stripped threads, crack, or corrosion will work fine. Don't need the float or small parts, just the bowl.
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    WTB 1966/67 Charger Tail Panel

    need the panel that holds the taillights. Would prefer the whole tail as the left side is bent.
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    WTB engine fire, need engine & lights harnesses 66 Charger 383

    Had a fuel line split and leak. When the engine got warm enough, poof! Luckily, I had an extinguisher to stop it there, but the harnesses are toast. Didn't see any smoke inside, so hopefully, the Dash harness is still good. 1966 Charger 383, W/O Air Conditioning. Think any 66-67 big block...