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    Is this worth the price???

    If it was a trailer queen show car maybe. Not for a driver.
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    question for electricians on home project

    Those Cat-a=pillar shims are a code violation here in NC. The edge of the box, or extension must be flush with the finish wall surface.
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    Do any of you belong to car clubs?

    I'm a member of the Heritage Iron car club. We help raise money for needy children and such.
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    question for electricians on home project

    They are called trim rings, and are the same size of the existing box, but are 1/2" or 3/4" deep depending on your needs.
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    New to B bodies

    That blue + white interior looks sharp, if it were mine I would leave it as is.
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    Console Shifter Boot
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    Keep or sell?

    I'd say keep it. They are good little pickups.
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    OMG! I bought another car.

    It's an addictive habit. The mid to late 60's are my weakness.
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    Metal work 60k too much?

    60K for metalwork, maybe 20K for paint, 15k for interior. Would the car bring half of that when finished ? I'm thinking you need to shop around for another body shop. It's possible that the bodyshop you checked caters to the high end crowd.
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    Illinois Prohibited license plate list revealed

    I got behind a woman driver last week and her plate said IMEZE.
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    FOR SALE 1964 Dodge Polara 4 door

    I got this 4 door Polara for sale. It's got the wide 318 in it and a push button automatic transmission. Seems to be all original I got it running this week, but haven't drove it. Someone has patched a couple holes in the floor pans but everything else looks solid. The headliner was ripped and...
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    SOLD 1966 Plymouth Belvedere

    It says it's in Lenoir N.C. That's about 30 minutes from me. I can run by there and check it out if it would be beneficial to a prospective buyer. Assuming everything is legit.
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    suggestions for grooming / smoothing gravel drive

    An old box spring from a bed will work ok if you're on a tight budget. You may need to weigh it down with a few rocks.
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    Windshield channel/gutter repair questions

    If you can poke holes in the metal, it's too thin to weld the holes shut.
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    Anyone going to the Mopar show at Farmington NC

    Yes sir, I will be there.
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    FOR SALE Perfectly good working hood hinge set

    I can use those, message sent.
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    Need Transmission Repair in WNC

    I feel sure that Calhoun's does. I can get a phone number for you if you would like to talk with him
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    Need Transmission Repair in WNC

    You may be thinking of Calhoun's Transmissions here in Ashe county. I can vouch for his work. Zionsville Transmissions in Watauga is just outside of Boone, he has a good reputation.
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    69 roadrunner

    I'd leave it as is.
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    Had time to shoot some progress pics today of my 65 Belvedere.

    Looks like transmission lines going to the fan, I'm guessing it's a fluid cooler.