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    Headers for 1964 Polara 500

    I built fender well headers for my 64 Polara NSS car. Mainly because I wanted reasonable serviceability for stater and spark plug removal. Plus when it came time to remove the engine, they came off easy without standing on my head turning bolts with a wrench 1/4 turn at a time. Plus, you get...
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    727 Kickdown mystery...

    You are on the right track. If you have the trans oil pan off, you need to get the travel correct so that at idle the lever just touches the end of the throttle valve and at wide open throttle the valve is just fully depressed. If that relationship is set, everyone I have worked on works right.
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    Do any of you belong to car clubs?

    I am a founding member of a car club. The Gasconade Timing Association. We have members with show cars to drag cars. Several members, including myself, raced Nostalgia Super Stock. We put on several shows a year. This April was the 30th annual Springfest car show on main street Owensville...
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    Street Racing Stories

    Did a lot of street racing in the day, 1975 to the early 1980's Had a 70 340 Dart 4-speed. Lived in a small town and we raced a couple miles out of town on Highway Y, about a 2-mile straightaway. Friendly fun, two brothers one had a 340 automatic Duster, and the other brother a 73 360...
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    Talk me out of a hellcat.

    I don't have the money to buy one, I have driven a couple, but they are one hell of a car. I would say when the history is written they are the pinnacle of muscle cars. I would get an automatic, a lot of power to try and speed shift. And just from my experience the new style manual...
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    Looking for Insight & Wisdom for my NSS Ride.

    I would do a cylinder leak down test, that will tell you if the compression is low due to wear, or cam timing issues. With dome pistons and a big camshaft, I would expect to see 150 to 175 cranking compression. To kind of verify the cam timing set engine to TDC on the overlap of the cam, if...
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    Early B-Body hood scoops, opinions?

    Do the 64 Hemi scoop and convert the grill to two headlights like the super stock cars. I recently sold it but this is what mine looked like. I know mine was a race car, but I just thought they always looked good. Mine was a little taller than the stock hemi scoop to clear the carbs, go with...
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    Rear end whine

    On a test drive, if the noise gets louder the faster you go and remains when you slip it into neutral and coast down, the issue is most likely bearings, also if the noise changes when you gently whip the wheel back and forth it is most likely axle or differential side bearings. If the noise...
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    Best Looking Car Ever Made

    Lot of pictures of beautiful cars in this thread, not many of them newer designs. I like 69 barracudas. But what ever your flavor, I just cannot stand the majority of new vehicles that look like easter eggs with random bumps and lines on them. I mean what are the designers thinking?
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    Edlebrock 1405 carb surge

    You could try a couple things. First take the springs out under the metering rod pistons. Replace them with a stronger spring, or just stretch the spring and make it stronger, this will allow the rich step on the metering rod to come in quicker. I like to idle the engine and carefully slide...
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    727 not shifting through gears

    From what I can see it has no kickdown cable. So it most likely is a manual valvebody. If it is supposed to have a kickdown cable and does not it will shift quick, and it is really hard on the clutches no line rise. If the governor is sticking when you back off the throttle when it won't...
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    Original air conditioning, how to get it working?

    It has been a while since I messed with one, but you have several issues. First the original hoses on your car will not hold 134A the refrigerant is thinner they require barrier hoses. Having said that it is a minimal leak you may have to top off the car every other year or so. The main issue...
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    Thoughts on this lifter/cam lobe

    I have been building engines since 1974, for a number of reasons there is a bunch of poorly manufactured lifters and flat tappet camshafts in the supply chain. I have told anybody that wants me to build them an engine just to spend a few extra bucks and use a hydraulic roller. No special oil...
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    Slipping in Reverse- update!

    From the view of a failed friction element the issue had to be the rear band. The other issue is that line pressure in the transmission when selecting revers is almost double the pressure in the forward gears. If your filter was partially blocked maybe the line pressures were not high enough...
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    70 B body 440 engine installation

    I agree that is the way it was done at the factory it will clear if you are careful. I built a stand to support the engine trans and K-frame with wheels, so it is easy to maneuver and have enough room to get under the car as you are lowering the body to tighten bolts. I will have to say...
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    Death came knocking and took my Coronet

    You will have to rotate the engine backwards with a bar, because the bolt worked its way out and is hung on the block. Years ago, I welded an extension on an open-end wrench just for this problem. Could not get it spun around but could get it spun enough to get the wrench on and tighten the...
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    Hemi vs 440 Connecting rods. Aftermarket

    Most of the 440 stroker kits use a big block chevy rod now and the rod journals are reduced in size to a big block chevy as well. Lot easier to make clearance for a big stroke.
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    Crankshaft end play tight?

    If you decide you want a little more clearance, I use some 400-grit wet dry sandpaper and on a flat surface use some thin oil and sand the trust surface of the bearings, you can get a couple thousands that way very easy.
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    Question about "high performance" builds, in particular engine longevity. If you have a sleeved aluminum block, all the better to answer my ?

    Never ran an aluminum block on the street but did run one on the track. ON the oil pressure, first the Mitchel block has what is called priority oiling, the oil goes to the mains and rods first, then lifter galleries second, so they do not require near the oil pressure as a stock Chrysler...
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    How old is too old?

    I am 67 and just started two cars. Maybe my last two don't know. But as long as you are healthy and can get around OK, I think building a car is the best therapy in the world to keep you young. My goal is die healthy. So, I want to enjoy my time whatever is left and don't want to sit and...