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  1. RJS

    66 Satellite spare tire holddown?

  2. RJS

    66 Satellite Gas tank parts list

    Just got my 66 Satellite and need to put in a new tank and want to make sure I order all that's needed. Car had a cell in it that I'm eliminating and going back to stock parts. So I have to buy a tank and sender, hose kit from filler (looks kinda like a radiator hose and then two smaller hoses...
  3. RJS

    P4532098 camshaft???

    I just took this 3 bolt cam out of my 383 and can't find any spec's for it on the net or any of my old books. It's a 3 bolt hydraulic and sounded very stock. Thanks Ron
  4. RJS

    Driver's door Power Window Motor 1972 interchangable with other years???

    Information not needed anymore